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Chapter 191 – The final moment (7)

Professions like Magic Swordsman and Rune Knight were indeed capable of identifying items. Rune Knights were able to use magic, but their true skillset was to analyze magic and fight wizards. They were greatly specialized in anti-magic and well-versed in dealing with Chants.

The words to form a Chant were typically fixed. The only ones who were exceptions to this rule were powerful wizards who could bend the rules. Witches who resided in rivers of concentrated Mana, believed there were thirty-six thousand words in this world that had mysterious power in them.

These words made up the rules of all Laws, Runes and Holy Words. and they were frequently used to activate magical artifacts. The most common words to activate old artifacts were the following.

Eaam was earth, Oss was wind, Vo was water, and Flamme was fire.

But they were not going to work for the cloak.

The magic artifacts created from the Golden and Silver Lineage were indeed old, but the earliest magic artifacts were taken from the Elemental Planes.

Faena sensed the cloak had a powerful Earth Element leaking out from it. She first tried the words that were from the races of the great earth, the Poem of Titans.

There were twelve hundred words in it. Trying them out one by one was nearly impossible, but she was experienced enough to choose the suitable words for activating a magic artifact. It was narrow enough to test them out.

After several tries, she moved on to the tale of ‘Yara’s teeth’, which represented the Shadow Element and the Vibration Rune. Her eyebrows were lifted slightly up and looked up with an air of triumph as she passed the cloak back to Brendel.

Her sky-blue eyes were full of pride and her pursed lips were slightly curved upwards. Brendel eyed her for a second as he took over the cloak.

Once a magical artifact’s known usage and activation word was discovered, the game recognized it as ‘identified’.

Green words immediately flashed in his retina:

– King Bruni’s invisibility cloak.

– Magic Resistance: 30%

– Activated ability: Enters a Shrouded state for a hundred and twenty breaths. The user would be as if they have disappeared from this world.

– Activation keyword: Far

[Oh, it’s identified. Wait, the description for this……!]

The corners of Brendel’s eyes twitched. The game explained that the world was comprised of seven layers. There were four Element Planes, two Energy Planes, and a Physical Plane. One’s existence was anchored to one of these seven Planes.

An invisibility spell utilized the Air or Water Element to distort light and deceive the eyes, but it was just a type of an illusion, and the caster could still be seen, heard, and even be touched.

A Shrouded state was significantly stronger. The most common use for this state was to pass through walls. Under it, there were no ‘walls’ in this world.

[A hundred and twenty breaths. That’s about five minu

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