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Brendel stopped petting the Direwolf’s large head, and he rubbed his forehead instead.

[In order to create a new army of wolves…… I can use my new title to make the Direwolf submit, but the normal wolves found in this area is probably not as appealing as the ones created by the system.]

With the Warg’s Heart, he was able to control the dark chaotic Mana to create a wolf. He started fiddling with the commands and looked through the new page, Leader of Wolves, and soon discovered the new functions.

– Leader of Wolves

– Black Wolf: Spend 50 Mana to create a Black Wolf

– Shadow Rock Beast: Spend 20 Mana to create a Shadow Rock Beast

The youth paused for a slight moment. Summoning a Black Wolf was understandable, but what was a Shadow Rock Beast? Did it mean that the Warg’s heart could provide two different types of wolves to choose from?

He did not know much about the inner workings of the Warg’s Heart, only that it could summon Black Wolves. It was the first time he even saw how things really worked. (TL: It’s been a long time since the previous chapter, so maybe reading the previous few chapters might be good)

[…… But I don’t recall any information in regards to a Shadow Rock Beast in the game. Even if there’s an additional option, shouldn’t it be a Mist Wolf or something? Furthermore, its Mana requirement is only 20 MP, so it should be much weaker than a Black Wolf. This is strange. Well, there’s no harm in trying.]

It had been several hours since he summoned the Wind Spirit Spiders, so it was now possible for him to summon a few Black Wolves.

He raised the hand that was on his forehead and pointed it at a nearby empty ground. A dark current started swirling and formed into something. There was a burst of light and a Black Wolf jumped out from the current of Black Mana in the air.

Brendel stumbled.

[What the heck?]

The wolf was stretching its limbs; it was the size of a horse with black shiny fur. A pair of red eyes regarded its surroundings, and the wolf revealed sharp white fangs as it yawned. It looked like a Black Wolf from the Calamity of Wolves.

But there was armor on it. A strange black colored armor covered the wolf’s body and made it appear imposing.

[…… I don’t think a Black Wolf is supposed to look like this. Wolves with metal armor, well it did appear in the game. But a Black Wolf with a layer of rocks over it? It doesn’t look like bones or horns. If it’s in this form…… An elemental spirit? But how?]

Carglise looked excited when he saw the shiny layer of black rocks over the wolf.

“My lord, did you summon that wolf?” He asked.

Amandina and Scarlett did not bother to chime in. They knew that the reply would most likely be ‘the spell came from the Black Tower’ or ‘it is a secret’. Amandina believed that there were secrets to be kept, and therefore she did not pry into his secrets. Scarlett merely thought that Brendel was always right in what he did and there was no

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