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Brendel did not know what his allies were thinking of him.

He merely led them forward with each passing second. The slaughter of the wolves made time seem to stretch. The Centaurs’ armors were stained red with fresh blood, from the Winter Wolves, their own, as well as their allies, with each layer stacking on top of their bright silver armors. The several hundred men walked beside a frozen narrow mountain stream.

Two high cliffs were on each side covering half the sky, with a narrow exit at the end of their vision.

The Blockade of Wolves.

There was another white wave rushing at them. More than a thousand wolves poured out from the exit, and the large Winter Direwolves raised their upper bodies towards the sky and howled. White fur expanded against the wind and made them all the more fearsome. The ground rumbled as the wolves split into three groups. Snow was agitated like boiling water as large claws dug into the ground. It was as though a trident was hurled towards the group of Centaurs.

But the wolves in the center slowed down, while the wolves on either side bolted across the forest trees, appearing as though they were jaws closing on each end as they attempted to surround their preys.

Quinn raised his hand, and the Tree Elves shot their arrows. The time for them to draw, aim, and shoot took no more than two seconds. Their actions were as natural, quick, and were used to firing at will. Hardly anyone shot at the same target and the volley of arrows was more like scattered raindrops across the flanking wolves.

The wolves on both sides were struck and rolled across the ground, not moving any longer, but the numbers allowed them to succeed in advancing. They were close enough to threaten them.

“They are certainly much harder to deal with compared to the Black Wolves!” Brendel cut down a Winter Wolf as it lunged at him. He exhaled in a sigh, and the white mist that escaped his lips was released into the sky.

The Centaurs’ left flank was exposed. He had no choice but to order a company of Fireclaw Lizardmen to move from their position jump into the fray. They charged out from one side of the forest and clashed against the Winter Wolves.

“Ser Brendel!” Quinn yelled, giving the command back to the youth.

“Fire where my arrow is!” Brendel roared in response. “Then charge in with me!”

A single arrow flew across the sky and struck a Winter Direwolf’s head. The Centaurs joined in the ranged attack with the Tree Elves and concentrated on the monsters in front of them. The first three rows of wolves crashed and rolled on the ground uncontrollably, while the others leaped over their comrades’ corpses like an overflowing dam.

The Centaurs and the army of Winter Wolves in the front rushed towards each other, destined to crash into each other. At the same time, the flanking Winter Wolves finally managed to enclose Brendel and his allies in a circle, and they began running towards them.

The distance to t

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