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Chapter 161 – Mist Conversion

The Wall of Clouds gathered together proved that Mana was gathering at an astonishing speed. The Waves of Calamity’s influence was becoming more and more apparent. Brendel could hardly breathe when he looked at the Lernaia Hydra, and it was not simply because of the pressure that was emitting from it.

[Even a Projection means that this thing is level 120 and above. It’s beyond mortal means.]

He and Orthlyss did not speak, but both were pondering what they could do to escape this difficult situation. The youth looked around and discovered a huge boulder not from away. He inhaled and exhaled once to regulate his breathing. It was not the first time he faced a dangerous situation that was significantly past his levels to handle things.

[Calm down. Consider the chances of avoiding the Hydra’s line of sight if we hide under the boulder. There’s no reason why I should be afraid even though there’s only a single chance to get it right. Like breaking past Madara’s Fortress Nirui, or the Dragon Nest War. As long as each step is done perfectly—]

Brendel regained his former self. The blood of the old adventurer started burning in his body.

Another breath.

“Wait here, Scarlett,” he said.

He inched his way onto a nearby gigantic tree that was thick with foliage, and started crawling on the thick trunk like a lizard while ensuring that none of his body stuck out from it—

“Boy?” Orthlyss did not expect Brendel to be so bold.

“Hiding in this place isn’t a solution. I doubt that creature will be leaving any time soon. It looks like it has discovered something. Perhaps Veronica and Mephisto are still alive.”

“What is your plan?”

Even though it was impossible for anyone else to hear her voice, Orthlyss lowered her voice subconsciously.

“I want to get over to that huge boulder and hide behind there, then see if there is any way to make use of the environment and escape. I think moving three or four miles away will be enough. The Lernaia Hydra probably will not be able to detect our movements.”

[That’s quite the distance to escape from, are you confident?]

Orthlyss wanted to ask him those words, but she did not utter those words in the end. It seemed like the youth had made his decision, and his determination was blazing in his eyes along with a streak of adventure. This side of Brendel was one that she had not seen before, but she liked it more than the steady and rational Brendel.

Brendel ceased his chatter and moved across the tree with slow careful grips with his fingers. He did not dare to breathe heavily, and he felt like there were eyes watching his back. Even though the weather was clearly cold and dry, perspiration still formed on his forehead. It took him several minutes to reach the first thick branch that was the size of a human’s waist, and he waited a full minute in the same position without moving.

His heart drummed in his ears.

Finally, he relaxed a

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