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Ch 121 – Furious duel

The concerned parties moved to an open area that was next to the shop, but Brendel suddenly raised his head up and saw many knights rushing over to their location. Apparently, the barrier’s activation had alerted them.

All of them had Kirrlutz’s uniforms.

[But it is strange. Why are these people here?]

The knights were still quite a distance away from them.

When Brendel returned his gaze to the young boy to indicate that he was ready for the duel, the latter had already thrown two bottles of explosives made from Alchemy.

He frowned slightly and took a step back. Even though the young boy said he would not injure him, he did not hold back at all. He did not indicate for the duel to start too.

If these two bottles were thrown onto a normal person, they would definitely be crippled and possibly die.

The bottles exploded in mid-air. The boiling acid and glass fragments flew in every direction, but before they reached him, a wall of blinding flames was raised in front of him.

The Fire Shield spell on the Crimson Blessing had activated automatically.

When the flames and white smoke disappeared, Brendel found two bizarre humanoid creatures the size of a human adult lumbering towards him, and their twisted and ugly bodies had Magic Formations crawling all over them. They looked like a pile of rotting meat, but one would realize they were no weaker than gargoyles after looking at them closely.

The name was simply called Mutant in the game. It was a level 25 Alchemy Creature. One could call it as living creature, but it had no feelings, emotions, or intelligence. This was why it did not go against the teachings of the Holy Cathedral of Fire.

Brendel immediately understood the young boy’s intentions when he saw twelve metallic orbs hovering behind the latter.

Rono wanted to use the Alchemy Creatures and other defensive tools to gain more time.

[This boy is trying to prepare an Advanced Magic Formation. He’s really quite experienced in battles. Does he belong to some special department? Perhaps a Battle Alchemist?]

He was slightly surprised. Kirrlutz’s royal Alchemists had a special group that was focused on combat. They wore blood-red emblems of eagles and were called Battle Alchemists.

[A Battle Alchemist is indeed one of the sub-professions for an Alchemist to advance in the direction of combat, but it’s rare to find one. And this boy is really a little too young if he’s one. Quite the talented individual.]

However, he mocked the boy while shaking his head: “Your abilities only go this far?”

The young lord did not even pull his sword against the Mutants. His right hand sliced through the air, and he invoked the White Raven Sword Arte’s wind pressure against the two Mutants in front of him. The stats of a Gold-ranker could hardly be imagined. The two mutants did not even have the chance to resist the vertical hurricane and were hurled back.

The girl trapped

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