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Chapter 128 – Waves

The tremendous change to the Loop of Trade Winds had shaken the entire city.

And such a change might not be for the better—

The Druids quickly became anxious, while the various factions started to act quietly in the city. That night, the messengers from the Kirrlutz Empire visited the members from the Aouine Kingdom and the Holy Cathedral of Fire privately. New rumors started circulating at the same time.

The first rumor was about the awakening of a Holy Sword that existed in legends, King Erik’s Lionheart, which was also the cause of the Divine Resonance half a year ago. The Lionheart was now rumored to be in the Loop of Trade Winds, and someone from Aouine had already grasped the means to enter the place and take the sword.

The second rumor was that the powerful Kirrlutz Empire was actually forced to be at a disadvantage by the Druids over someone from Aouine. This ‘news’ alone made interested people go wild with their guesses.

The Lionmane Beastmen mercenaries from the barbaric regions also received the rumors of Halran Gaia appearing in the continent. Their ancient history included this fabled sword, which was fought over between the Lionmane Empire and the dwarves.

Witnesses’ accounts stated the sword was currently wielded by a young human male who was in the Green Tower. Some even claimed that the Kirrlutz Empire tried to take the sword by force and cause an incident.

Even more absurd rumors spread throughout the various taverns, like how the Aouine Kingdom was under the protection of the Sacred Church of Light. Various truths and lies were mixed together, making them hard to believe.

However, rumors did not require one to believe in them to propagate, because people would just volunteer to spread them freely.

Brendel did not know schemes were brewing behind his back. The first moment he saw the change in the clouds, he immediately left the market and entered Blackthorn along with two Grand Druids after a few instructions to his companions.

The Blackthorn committee received a report—

The clouds over the Loop of Trade Winds had split into half and had a clear path that lasted for ten miles. However, no one knew exactly what was happening in the area. Once the clouds cleared, the mountains became dangerous because the monsters in the foggy areas became active.

It was for this reason that the Druids lost several of their observation points. The frontline was crumbling. Things were becoming tense.

In the courtyard where the Goddess Nia was worshiped stood hundreds of Elder Druids. Even the nearby branches were filled with members of the outer circle. The place was filled with tension.

[It seems all their elites have gathered here.]

Brendel glanced at his surroundings before looking up. The evening sky was dark red in color, and countless birds were flying around the six ancient trees in great density, which nearly covered half the sky. And when he looked down—

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