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Chapter 73 – King of the Underworld (24)

The second round commenced with Torbus leading the attack and Brendel immediately shied away. The position he was in did not allow him to fight against four opponents.

His target was Tirste yet again, and he unleashed his full extent of his military swordsmanship against him. The tip of his blade wavered at different vital points, making it difficult for Tirste to know where the blade was going to go next.

Brendel’s sword went for Tirste’s fingers, and the latter was barely able to deflect the attack in time. But the youth’s deflected sword seemed to correct itself into another path of attack and succeeded in wounding Tirste’s left leg.

The androgynous man staggered backward, but Brendel did not follow up and retreated instead, as Torbus had come in with a straightforward slash from the sides.

Rushed footsteps shuffled across the floor as three blades tried to cut the youth in three different directions, and he soon suffered another wound.

Metal clashed desperately with each other as Brendel tried his best to whittle his opponents one at a time, while completely avoiding a match with his grandfather. However, his three other opponents seemed to pick up on what he was doing and were content to let Torbus take the charge and lead them.

Brendel seemed to look like he was doing fine to most of his spectators, but the truth could not be further away.

His grandfather did not show that earlier attack, and fought with incredibly simple strikes and thrusts. That was when Brendel knew that he was not entering into a match of skill, but one of attrition.

His grandfather was spending a minuscule of stamina to exchange for Brendel’s desperate defense, forcing the latter to exert a considerable amount of energy, and this plan was working because of the two to three different points of attack from his other opponents which he needed to defend against.

And it was getting only harder.

The coordination of the three swordsmen was getting better and better. He knew that the illusionary equilibrium between them would be shattered once he made a mistake.

[It’s fortunate that I got an increase in my military swordsmanship against Kodan earlier, otherwise, I would have been cut down several times……]

In the previous fight against Kodan, Brendel had forcefully incorporated his knowledge of Kirrlutz’s swordsmanship from the game into his core Aouine’s military swordsmanship from the system.

Kodan’s usage of Aouine’s military swordsmanship was powerful strikes that linked from one point to another, allowing for endless variations to keep on attacking.

But Brendel’s usage of Aouine’s military swordsmanship was based on the gamers, where attacking was based on feints and counters that could be repeated again and again with incredible efficiency. In addition to this style, he added in Kirrlutz’s Flash Strikes which were aggressive and lightning fast.

This pattern had caus

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