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Chapter 90 – The Gathering Storm (4)

“He’s showing us goodwill.” Makarov concluded simply.

“Are you sure he’s not trying to make us his shield,” Fleetwood frowned and disagreed, “offering us evidence of Count Randner’s wrongdoing and his territory? If we become allies of this youth, we’re forcing Count Randner to join hands with Duke Arreck.”

Gryphine creased her brows.

Count Randner was not a reliable ally to the Royal Faction and was more like a knife to their backs if he joined them. But it was also true that he had not stated where his support would be, and it would be foolish for her to force him to join her older brother instead.

“Hmph. That scheming Count.” She said a little irritably.

“The situation’s a little interesting.” Count Barre laughed once.

That youth was daring enough to take the city but his action could hardly be seen as impulsive. By delivering his letter at this particular time……

It was truly an excellent timing and definitely not a coincidence.

Brendel’s move was thrilling and dangerous as though he was walking on a thin wire.

Count Barre glanced at Makarov.

[I’m sure the Cunning Fox of the previous generation has already noticed this fact. But what does the youth want from us exactly? If he wants actual support from us with this letter that’s not even a loyalty pledge to our faction, isn’t he a little too naive? No, he can’t be this foolish if he sent out this letter. Then…… he just wants to be acknowledged by the Royal Faction? But even if we do so, how is he going to handle the aftermath when Count Randner marches in with his army?]

Mere accusation from this letter would not prevent Count Randner from sending his men to attack Firburh—

Count Barre was extremely curious about this matter. If the youth were to succeed in defeating Count Randner’s army…… He found that he was unable to imagine how things would end up if this scenario happened.

Makarov spoke after he thought for a while: “I believe that young man understands our position on Count Randner.”

“You mean……” Gryphine pondered for a moment before her eyes turned to the letter again.

“Why did he send this letter?” Makarov nodded, “No, it’s not to insult our intelligence—”

His joking words made Count Barre and Gryphine chuckle, though Fleetwood lightly tutted.

“He’s really showing us goodwill,” Makarov repeated his conclusion again.

“I agree with Makarov’s words. The youth is showing us goodwill, but he does not intend to join us. He also knows clearly what position he is in.” Count Barre said.

“Then what does he want?” Fleetwood’s silver eyebrows knitted in slight confusion. Even though he had been in the royal court for years, he had spent his whole life on Magic techniques, and still lacked an understanding fights between the nobles.

“Isn’t it clearly stated in the letter?”

His dislike for that youth was not as important as the Royal Faction’s interest, so he considered the po

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