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Chapter 106 – Trentheim and the young lord (6)

“Well then, my lord, you said you had a new idea?” Bosley took out a pipe and was about to light it when he recalled that Brendel disliked the smell. He put it back after a moment of hesitation.

“Ah, you will see what I mean in a moment. What about that matter that I requested?” Brendel asked.

Bosley took a moment to think what the youth was talking about.

“You mean the suits of armor? We’ve crafted two hundred sets, and the workshop is going full-time on them. However, our workers and the workshop’s size are still insufficient. I believe we need to have at least a hundred men and above before fulfilling your demands on time.”

[Two hundred suits of armor, that’s slightly below my expectations. But finding additional experienced workers and adding Magicite machines are impossible tasks right now.]

“I can try solving other problems if you have them, like the lack of certain materials, but Firburh is unable to sustain a big workshop. Even if we have the Macsen region it’s still insufficient. There are not enough machines—” Brendel said.

Another idea came into his mind. “If only we can make our own Elemental Forge.”

“Elemental Forge?” Bosley’s head snapped to Brendel’s direction.

He had used all kinds of furnaces in his work, and while he had not heard of that term before, he could roughly guess what it was.

“An Elemental Forge can directly absorb the Elements in the air and add to the smelting process,” Brendel explained.

It was a revolution in terms of forging techniques, but that was invented approximately twenty years later by an Elementalist born in a noble family. In that generation, there was a strong outburst of Mana throughout the continent, causing countless heroes and heroines to be born. There were numerous inventions to utilize the Mana as well.

[Unfortunately, I’m not the type of player to create inventions in the game. If my senior was here, she would be able to create one…… She’s an expert in this. Hmm. Was that inventor from Arreck or Vieiro? Maybe I can get that person like Amandina.]

“My lord, what exactly does it use for fuel? Charcoal? Or other types of specialized fuel like Magicite? By infusing the Fire Element, would it mean that the fire produced will be very clean? It’s not just an improvement by removing impurities in the flames because there’s an infusion of lements into the metal?” Bosley’s eyes lit up and his face flushed red.

He could almost imagine what it meant just from the name.

“…… Yes, I saw it from an ancient book. I believe it’s a lost technique made by Galbu Wizards.” Brendel lied through his teeth.

“Galbu’s techniques? My lord, but Galbu’s wizards use Mana Enchantment to forge items. They shouldn’t be using forges. Did they change their methods in the past few eras?” Medissa frowned slightly and raised an objection with her soft voice.

Brendel was momentarily stunned and realized that he made a

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