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“No, it’s nothing.” Wydall suddenly became conscious of something and turned away.

“What’s wrong?” Amandina, who was nearby, felt there was an odd atmosphere in the air and asked.

Brendel turned to her and saw that she was wearing an additional robe to keep herself warm.

“The arbor near one of the Green Tower’s watch towers; it is also the hometown of many Centaurs. But the Fire Seed there did not activate.”

“Ah—” She looked at the Centaur Elder’s back with a little sympathy: “But how did you know that, my lord?”

“Do you not remember the words from our Tree Elf guide from the Blackthorn Council? He just told us yesterday morning.”

“T-that’s……” Amandina’s eyes widened a little as she recalled: “But it was just a fleeting moment and we got interrupted by the wolves. You remembered it so easily?”

Brendel hurriedly faked inspecting his sword to avoid laughing at the earnest girl’s admiration. In truth, he already knew where it was in the game. It might be just as likely that he did not remember what their guide said.

“In any case, we need to cease the chatter.” His eyes and tone suddenly became serious.


“The wolves are here.”

It was difficult to see ahead because of the light being blocked by the flying debris, though flashes illuminated the Dark Forest whenever there was a Mana Flare. There were no sun, moon, or stars that could be seen.

If one were to look from afar, it seemed like the Fire Seeds were the only sources of light left in this world.

[The Fire Seeds are moving. Even though there were thousands of gamers defending the area back then, only the top gamers went for Valhalla. This sight reminds me of the videos. Twenty-odd pillars of light moving towards the center of the Loop of Trade Winds. They ultimately succeeded in the end. But now there is only me.]

He quickly adjusted himself. Now was not the time to question whether he could succeed. Flecks of silver darted across the trees several miles when he glanced at his surroundings.

The Winter Wolves.

It had been nearly ten hours of traveling after their short rest from defeating the Black Wolves. They were very near the entrance of the Karanjar mountain range. The interlaced mountains looked like soldiers standing on opposite sides, with the geography of the area steep and difficult to traverse. But once they passed through the entrance, they would have cleared the first hurdle.

Based on the group’s speed, the youth estimated they needed at most an hour to reach that place.

[The gamers coined it the Blockade of Wolves. It’s also the most dangerous position in the entire journey.]

He took out his pocket watch while observing the increasing number of Winter Wolves.

[We’re ahead of time. There are ninety more minutes before the second wave of wolves truly starts. If they gather at that mountain pass, it will really become a blockade.]

The armies slowly crossed over the last peak and valley of the moun

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