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Chapter 116 = Five-Headed Hydra (2)

Brendel raised Halran Gaia with both hands and tried to cleave the Hydra’s leg, which was more like a rock pillar. Surprisingly, the monster’s dexterity was astonishingly fast despite its huge body. It drew in its foot so quickly that Brendel could only cut through the air.

However, the powerful strike destroyed the ground beneath the Hydra and caused fissures to spring up everywhere. The sword’s contact to the ground also caused a shockwave to spread out in a cone and the Hydra became unbalanced; its body slanted towards the side.

But Brendel could not find an opportunity to continue to attack because the five heads of the Hydra danced around the air like whips, trying to bite the youth, which forced him to retreat repeatedly, and he ended a distance that was ten meters away.

His allies approached the Hydra’s back to find a chance to attack it, but Brendel immediately roared when he realized there was a ripple of energy emanating from the Hydra: “Be careful of its Venom Shield!”

The three was momentarily stunned as they found a wall of green liquid appearing out of thin air before them. Kodan and Scarlett had enough experience to stop themselves from advancing, but Kodan went one step further and hurled his dagger into the wall to strike the Hydra’s body.

A soft hissing sound could be heard before the dagger even went through the liquid. It was quickly turned into white smoke.

“Marsha above!” Kodan felt relieved in his heart that the warning came in time, but he started to wonder how they could handle this damned creature.

However, Ropar did not seem to hear Brendel’s words and rushed straight into the wall of venomous liquid, but it was not affected at all, though the dirt on its scales was burned away.

[Immunity to poison!]

Brendel’s eyes widened in surprise.

[W-well, a four-legged Hydra is considered somewhat to be like a lizard. Ropar and Hydra can kind of be considered as the same type. It can be considered reasonable for some kind of suppression amongst the same type.]

Ropar had broken into the Hydra’s defenses, surprising everyone. The huge monster was unable to turn its heads around in time and Ropar swung its greatsword on the Hydra’s rear right leg. Flames wrapped around the greatsword as it severed the Hydra’s scales and sinew. Before the blood could spew out, the heat turned it into gas and was spurted out in a red mist.

The Hydra raised all its heads and screamed at the same time. The deafening blast transmitted for miles, frightening the nearby birds into taking flight.

The wall of venom rippled a few times and disappeared at the same time the Hydra got injured.


Kodan and Scarlett thought at the same time. They charged in together, but after taking a few steps they felt a sinking feeling beneath their feet and the ground collapsed.

“What are these?” Scarlett felt her heart skip a beat. She saw countless green thorny vi

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