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Chapter 120 – The Green Tower’s market (2).

The Rock Key.

Legend stated that it opened the doors between the continent and another dimension filled with the Earth Element.

In the game, its other use was to activate a city that was built in the Wilderness. It was similar to a Fire Seed. The Fire Seed represented the Laws of Order, while the Rock Key created the fundamental Elements.

This was how Mother Marsha formed the world and gave birth to its shape. The Laws bound the Mana, while the Elements established the structure.

It was quite valuable in the game, and there were times where there simply were no stock to meet the demand. It was also a core item used in a high-level quest that involved any Earth Element powers.

For example, the Sword of Earth, Halran Gaia, had such a quest to upgrade it.

[Even if one tried searching for it, their shoes would be torn to shreds without ever catching a glimpse of it. Obtaining this item is based on ridiculous luck, not effort.]

The corner of Brendel’s eyes jolted once when he the shield-like rock piece.

“Boy, your luck is pretty good—” Orthlyss seemed to have felt Brendel’s rush of emotions and woke up from her slumber.

He nodded, but there was no change in his expression, asking: “What is this?”

“The Rock Key. Legend states that it can connect our world to another world’s tunnel—” The centaur shopkeeper replied.

Brendel interrupted him with feigned irritation: “Another world? What does that world have?”

“Erm…….” The centaur was immediately at a loss for words. He had accepted the transaction when the witch told this rumor to him. That damned old woman even took away one of the best tree gems that he had.

“I think it leads to a Plane where it’s related to the Earth Element?” He considered the terms that can be used to explain another world.

“A Plane of the Earth Element?” Brendel acted like he did not understand and his face was completely innocent: “Why would I want to go there?”

“Boy,” Orthlyss could not help but shake her head: “Your ability to bluff is as good as Eirelannt. She would be very fond of you if she were to meet you.”

“Eirelannt, you say?” Brendel asked inwardly. (TL: Okay, even I don’t remember who’s this character.)

“Yes, we…..” Orthlyss suddenly coughed and corrected herself: “Gatel, Farnezain, and Sanorso, as well as Eirelannt who was the oldest, well, they went on adventures when they were young, and it was also mostly her who was the point of contact with the Lords and merchants.”

“So you mean she’s the commander.”

“Something like that.”

While Brendel and Orthlyss were conversing with each other, the centaur seemed to be stuck in a rut. Brendel did not seem as interested as the rings presented earlier to him, and it made him a little depressed.

“If you please, Human lord, that witch had also told me that it is tremendously useful to an Elementalist.”

[That’s true. Using the Rock Key would open a

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