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Chapter 127 part 2 – Change of the Loop of Trade Winds (2)

Thirty minutes was not a long time, but it was boring to wait for someone.

Brendel started to practice casting his fire-related spells out of boredom. The flame danced around his fingers as though it was a living creature, and very soon his performance attracted a large group of Tree Elves and Senian children. They crowded around him and stared without blinking at Brendel’s act.

The children pestered him to perform even more magic acts and Amandina was worried that Brendel would be annoyed instead. But the youth put on a grin and made his magic even flashier. This act quickly won their hearts and they were completely enthralled by him.

Amandina watched the youth and the children play together, and she felt somewhat moved. She opened and closed her lips several times, but no words came out.

“Our lord is a kind man. I did not think that the nobles would be so approachable.” Scarlett remarked softly.

The wind stirred her fiery hair while she replaced her ponytail ribbons with a silver hairclip that was bought earlier. It glinted from time to time, which was oddly suiting for her.


“He’s your friend?” A low, deep voice suddenly asked.

The two ladies jumped a little and looked back. There was a young man who had long green hair adorned with a crown of interlocking small branches and leaves. His ears were equally long, proving that he was a Tree Elf. But what surprised them was his height and exposed muscular chest which even seemed to gleam against the light, while his back was covered with a cape. It seemed like he was a Druid as well.

The nearly half-naked youth was just standing behind them, looking at Brendel with interest.

“Yes.” Amandina’s face turned red, and she took a step back subconsciously.

“Are you the guests from Firburh?”


“I have heard rumors about the human nobles looking down on us and the Senians by regarding us as barbaric people, but it seems like this noble’s actions are saying otherwise. Are we mistaken about the humans?”

“I can’t speak for the other nobles, but our lord would never look down on you. In truth, he has protected many Senians.”

“I see.” The Tree Elf nodded as he continued to watch Brendel.

Brendel was engrossed in fulfilling the children’s requests. He came up with more and more tricks he learned in the game that made them cheer each time. Even though the city was grand and filled with beauty, it was rare to see a performing wizard. It was not just the children who gathered around Brendel, but the natives who joined in, making it look like a festival was going on.

Sifrid was standing next to Brendel. She was immensely satisfied to see that people of her age watching her brother Brendel with idolizing eyes. She occasionally looked at Brendel with dazzled eyes as well, feeling for the first time that there was someone who was just as great as her father.

Despite the exce

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