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Chapter 105 – Trentheim and the young lord (5)

Brendel opened the letter. The contents in it were empty save for a darkened spot on the corner. He immediately understood what it was. He crumbled the letter and burned its corner with a spark of fire that came from his hand.

He then tossed it away as it turned into ashes.

The druids had replied to him. This bit of good news made him feel relieved, but he did not immediately make plans to meet them and instead spoke to his new assistant:


“Huh? Y-yes, my lord, what is it that you need?” It took a moment before that young man realized Brendel was calling for him.

“Find Tagiv and bring him to me.”

“Who is Tagiv?”

“Chieftain of the Subterrane Dwellers. He’s staying inside the inner city.” After the battle of Lord Macsen, Brendel had it stay in Firburh.

Tagiv was quite happy about the youth’s action; Graudin was not as respectful.

Other humans would have thought that Brendel was holding it as a hostage, but Tagiv did not even consider that possibility. It was pointless for the youth to do so since it swore an oath to its gods.

“Make sure he puts on a robe and minimize his exposure to the citizens,” Brendel said.

“Understood, my lord. But where would you like to meet up with him?” Mordenkainen hurriedly nodded.

Brendel got closer and whispered into Mordenkainen’s ears, who then nodded and looked at his lord to make sure that there were no further instructions, before running off into the distance and disappeared into the falling snow.

“Well, let’s move off to another place.” Brendel turned around to the girls and said with a genuine smile.

Scarlett found herself staring at Brendel’s smile, and suddenly realized that she was comparing him and Eke. She felt the blood rushing to her ears and shook her head to clear it.

“Where are we going….. My lord?” She asked in a quiet voice.

Medissa glanced at her, feeling another bout of laughter within her.

“A wonderful place,” Brendel said.

The snowfall became bigger, and soon there was a faint sheet of white that covered the streets. There were not many people walking about. Instead, there were rows of houses that leaked out with warm orange light.

The sight of the scenery around them made them feel calm.

It was the first time that Scarlett left the manor ever since she was sick. Coming back to life and starting what she was doing before made her look at things with a lost look, and she trailed behind Medissa while clutching her halberd tightly.

Medissa, on the other hand, was interested in the scenery before her. It was the first time that she had been in a human city in winter, and she would occasionally ask Brendel the things that she could not identify.

The three continued to walk till they heard a series of hammering against metal in front of them.

Medissa was the first to pick up the noise with her long ears, and after a momentary pause, recognized

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