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Chapter 167 – Death

Amman was someone who could use a terribly rated Element Power to great strength. That was because he had covered the weakness of a Priest profession where he could leisurely cast his spells. A fully buffed Priest was strong enough to resist an offensive Mage class, let alone a warrior.

In the game, a fully buffed Priest was perceived as a God-tier profession, and the only professions that could match them were a Berserker with a raged status, as well as some specific advanced professions.

[There’s no possible way I can beat him in a duel. His level is much higher than me, and just casting a third of his available spells to buff himself is sufficient to wreck me……]

Amman spoke again with a cold smile when the youth laughed for a few seconds: “Are you trying to stall for time, your Lordship? Perhaps you are fearless because Lady Veronica does not want to kill you, but that does not mean others will receive the same treatment.”

Brendel stopped.

“That loyal subordinate of yours is hiding nearby. But it seems like that pretty girl is actually your female companion, and I trust that your lordship wouldn’t want to see anything bad happening to her, right?” Amman said as he glanced at a tree.

[Failure. Failure, failure, failure, failure!]

Brendel was unable to find a way out of things. The only events that he saw were the deaths of all the Druids and the people that came along with him. Trentheim would fall and so would the kingdom. Freya, the Regent Princess, and everyone else was killed in the future.

The path to a bright future was closed.

[…… If that’s the case, then—]

Brendel gripped the sword with both hands and activated Power Break, forcefully tearing the blade out Amman’s hands. The latter was momentarily surprised by the sudden burst of strength and took a step back subconsciously, but with this retreat, Brendel pressed in and was already in a stance to attack him.

Amman thought that Brendel was moving so quickly to prevent him from his Element Power, but he was instead delighted to see him doing so. It was true that he was unable to use his ‘Shield’, but Brendel was similarly unable to avoid his attacks.

[A fool who doesn’t think of the consequences.]

Amman chortled and extended out five fingers, with each finger emitting a cross-shaped light: “Holy Smite!”

Five bullets of light fired at the same time. Amman did not use his full strength, believing that his attack was unlikely to reach his opponent given the youth’s skills. He was thus prepared to prepare a second spell, ready to predict and aim for Brendel’s escape route with a ‘Holy Word, Bind’ spell.

But the next event nearly made him misfire his spell due to the loss of his concentration.

Brendel did not avoid the bullets and instead rushed straight into them.

[Has this fool gone mad! Even though my spell is made in haste, all five of them hitting a Gold-ranker would still kill him immediately!]

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