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Chapter 175 – Deep lure

Brendel thought he would be able to escape even with the two unconscious girls as long as Veronica delayed Andesha, but he soon discovered that he had predicted wrongly.

He moved around the maze-like valley for approximately thirty minutes, but there was a raucous projectile moving through the air out of a sudden.

The youth nervously glanced behind him and saw a green flash in the dark sky. The next moment, there was a thunderous smash, and a human figure appeared before him, shattering the hard ground and creating a field of smoke and dust.

It was Veronica.

Brendel frowned and walked towards her, dismissing the particles with a simple wave of his hand. The female commander was lying in the middle of the pit covered with blood. Her cloak was reduced to rags and there were many places on her uniform that revealed her inner armor. It seemed like she used a tremendous amount of energy to escape, as there was white smoke coming out from her outer garments.

Brendel thought that she had lost consciousness, but she groaned softly and opened her eyelids to reveal emerald irises.

“Hurry up and leave this place,” she coughed with half-closed eyes, though there was still spirit in them, “Andesha’s about to catch up.”

She struggled to get up despite her injuries and reached for her sword with difficulty, but Brendel snatched it away before she could get to it, and she looked at him in surprise.

Brendel felt greatly conflicted as well.

If Veronica had the ability to continue fighting, he would have allowed her to continue what she was doing, but it was apparent that she was going back to delay Andesha with her life. Considering that she was Freya’s teacher in the game, he did not want things to end in this manner. It was especially so when he had to live with the idea that he sacrificed someone in need of help in order to stay alive.

“Lady Veronica, you are no longer suited for combat,” Brendel said in a monotonous voice, sighing inwardly.

Veronica saw that the youth was carrying the two girls with his left and right arms, and she was relieved to see that he did not abandon Faena.

“Give me the sword,” she extended her hand out and said.

“…… That is not possible. Lady Veronica, come with me if you want to live.”

“Escape from one of the twelve leaders of the Tree Shepherds? If we move together, no one will be able to escape.” Veronica sighed and closed her eyes with a frown.

“If there is no possibility of escaping I wouldn’t ask,” Brendel’s eyes were dispassionate, “I like miracles, but I never rely on them. I like gambling as well, but I will never put everything on the line.”

Veronica stared at him with a certain emotion in her eyes, as though she was assessing him. She smiled weakly and shook her head.

“How do you intend on bringing me away? I’m in a terrible state. Stop forcing yourself. Now, quickly hand me over the sword, my good child—”

Brendel showed a

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