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Chapter 181 – Valhalla’s gate

Two statues were carved on either side of the gate, both towering nearly a hundred meters high. Brendel and Faena did not even reach the size of their toes.

The statue on the left was the long-beared King of Bitter Frost, Kail, and the statue on the right wielding a massive axe was Kort. Both of them were gods of war in Kirrlutz’s legends.

When they reached the strange gate, Faena noticed a few lines written in angular letters, but she could not read the language.

“Valhalla was created for the Final Battle. May the stars in the sky still light the ground even after a millennium—” Brendel read them aloud.

The Sky Knight used his lance and broke through the clouds during the final battle against the Twilight Dragon, signifying the birth of the second era. An ancient history that was even older than King Gatel and the other three Saints.

Much of this ancient language was lost after the War of the Saints, and Faena could not help but stare at Brendel in astonishment. There was only silence in the valley after the youth spoke, making the atmosphere feel a little mystical.

Brendel’s first thought was to confirm whether the gate was the way to Valhalla. It was a powerful fortress built to fight against the Twilight Dragon, but it was still destroyed like the other Sanctuaries, leaving only a fragmented history that was turned into fables for people to trace.

After marveling at the structure for a while, Brendel thought it was time to contact the Druids as promised. The Druids had given him twelve gemstones which he would use to send his coordinates, and then they would send Sifrid, who was the key to opening the gateway, over to him.

He walked next to the gate and inspected the ground, eventually discovering what he wanted.

An angular rock that jutted out from the ground.

The youth scooped away the dirt around the rock to reveal more of it. He carved a circle on it with Veronica’s sword and placed four green gemstones within the circle, before continuing to carve patterns around them.

Faena found a spot and sat quietly on it. The Lernaia Hydra’s roars which had stopped for a while were starting yet again, and they seemed to be even louder than before. She hugged her knees when she discovered the pebbles around her vibrating.

“Hey, what are you doing now? Why did we stop moving?” She asked a little fearfully.

“Serious business. Make yourself useful and go back to the entrance to keep guard. If Andesha doesn’t appear, continue to stay there and stop bothering me with your stupid questions.”

“What?” Faena was shocked at his rudeness.

This country bumpkin dared to order her?

“You don’t want to? Sure, that’s fine with me. I’ll leave you behind if she comes. That woman must be fuming, and you’re a pretty good decoy even though you’re incompetent. She will definitely torture you thoroughly before killing you,” Brendel was careful in his carving while he spoke in

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