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Chapter 135 – Wolves’ movements

============ Faena’s POV ============

Faena watched the Lionmane Beastmen’s interrogation by the Druids with a pair of glazed eyes. Both of her hands were clamped over her lips. Her throat moved several times, wanting to grumble about how these Beastmen were useless for not being able to defeat a group of men from Aouine with superior numbers, but there was no sound.

Brendel truly terrified her.

It was only at this moment that she realized the country bumpkin had held back that afternoon. There was no way she could have waited for Veronica or the others to come in time if he wanted to kill her.

The three nobles from Kirrlutz had to stay where they were in order to avoid encountering the Druids who were searching for any remaining Beastmen. Instead, they continued to watch Brendel and his group of men from afar, but that youth from Aouine was slowly walking over to them.

Even though it seemed like he was just taking a stroll, Faena felt her heart beat heavily like a stick hitting a drum. The icy expression around his eyes made her afraid of even leaking out the tiniest of breath.

“Elman, Elman…… H-he hasn’t discovered we’re here, right?” She whispered in desperation.

“Don’t worry.” Elman frowned but he assured her, “it’s unlikely that he discovered our ploy so quickly. Even if he did, he wouldn’t know that we’re hiding here.”

There was nothing good about a gifted prodigy appearing in Aouine. He was even younger than him. Elman stared at Brendel, feeling a strange sense of enmity towards him.

“It’s a good time to leave now.” He patted Faena’s shoulders as he was also worried. Brendel’s abilities were too frightening. There was no guarantee that he would fail to detect them if he came closer.

“Are we not going to wait and see if the people from the Holy Cathedral are going to come?” Rono whispered.

“The people from Holy Cathedral of Fire are not like these beasts who act on instinct. The bishop leading them is greedy, but he’s not a fool.” Elman shook his head. He suddenly saw Faena lift her finger up and hurriedly knocked her hand down.

“What are you doing!” He hissed loudly.

“H-he’s looking in our direction…..” Faena’s eyes were wide.

Elman stiffened as he looked at Brendel. The youth’s eyes were fixated in their direction, causing his scalp to feel numb.

[Impossible, this is a coincidence!]

“Lower your heads, both of you, don’t let him spot you!” Elman whispered as a Wind Spirit Spider darted across the ground behind him silently.

Brendel tilted his head slightly as he pondered on what he should do. There was actually quite a fair distance between them because he did not walk for long. In fact, half his face was lit up with an orange glow because he was still near his camp’s torches.

“He….. discovered…… us!” Faena stood up and tried to run away, but Elman pulled her down. She struggled in his arms.

“Don’t p—” Elman’s words suddenly st

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