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Chapter 151 – The curtains rise

The men from the Holy Cathedral of Fire were presumably making a clear path leading to the Loop of Trade Winds, but the unknown monster was chasing after them. Brendel did not have the courage to follow the Holy Cathedral of Fire’s path.

What if the boss became tired of chasing after them and decided to head back instead?

[If this monster patrols the entirety of the outer areas of the Loop of Trade Winds, then it’s a boss that will actively hunt for intruders. If I go by the game’s standards, the closer I get to the center of the Loop of Trade Winds, the more likely the boss will detect me. The more I think about it, the more I feel that impossible problems are going to occur. I need to increase my options.]

The Holy Cathedral of Fire used their elite Grey Knights for scouts. Brendel thought he needed to copy what they did, and he started to think about using the Fireclaw Lizardmen to increase his map awareness. The latter was not exactly dedicated scouts, but it was where the Planeswalker’s system excelled. There were no restrictions on communication and it was real-time. He could easily expand the map range.

In order to make the detection stronger, he even took out the Fireclaw Buglers card out, activated it, and placed them next to the Fireclaw Lancers. No one knew that Brendel’s men increased as the Fireclaw Lizardmen were placed outside the eyes outside of other people.

He then distributed the Wind Spirit Spiders, Fireclaw Lizardmen, Rock Panthers, and the newly summoned wolves around the Centaurs and his men, creating a warning system that had no holes. With nothing left to do, he and the others eventually left the dead men behind.

Time passed quickly and it soon turned to noon. It was the second stage of a Planeswalker’s phase where the cards were shuffled and drawn.

Brendel tapped the Ashen Volcano card to replenish the Fire Element in his Elemental Pool, and he managed to draw a new Vampire Baron card.

[A pity. When the sun is at its brightest, it’s forbidden to use Black cards, or I would have put it into play regardless of the cost. The Vampire Baron is a first class scout because of its speed and short-range flight.]

He finished drawing all the cards and stared at the trees ahead of him. The fog was starting to sink; layers of white mist wrapped around the mountain ridges that prevented visibility. The Gold-rankers had already detected an unstable Element that was increasing rapidly in the air.

The borders of the Sea of Chaos was fluctuating and ebbing. A black Demonic Moon now hung over the sky instead of being silver. Mana began to surge, reaching to a peak level that happened only every thousand years, announcing its presence as though a tidal wave was descending all over the continent with a bellow.

This change was becoming visible by the minute as a sudden drop in temperature could be felt. It only took a few hours before Brendel and the others felt

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