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Chapter 159 – Communication

Orthlyss streaked across the forest like a spirit, with Mephisto tailing her from a distance. They advanced past the trees for several minutes before Orthlyss frowned. She glanced to a certain direction. The deeper she went into the Dark Forest, the stronger she felt a familiar scent.

“Strange.” She mumbled to herself.

“What is it?” Brendel asked.

“The scent of blood. It’s getting strong enough that it’s not getting dispelled by the wind. I wonder if there are creatures nearby.”

“The scent of blood? Let’s take a look?”

“This isn’t the time to be nosy, boy.”

Brendel did not expect Orthlyss to be so unfamiliar with the Dark Forest. The monsters in the Dark Forest were sustained by Mana and did not require food. While they would occasionally attack other living creatures, it would not be a number where it would fill the air.

[The source of blood is most likely from adventurers. It’s possible that there’s some kind of unknown danger nearby that are not wolves. Strange. King Gatel traveled in the Wilderness in the past, so the Wind Elves should logically do the same. Or does this mean that the Dark Forest in the current era has some kind of biological change, and therefore Orthlyss doesn’t know? But it’s best to investigate now so there won’t be any nasty surprises later on.]

“Ser Orthlyss, it’s best that we take a look.”

“Very well.”

Orthlyss suddenly paused upon listening to Brendel’s words and she narrowed her eyes, before moving out again like a shot arrow, not caring about her pursuer. The sudden change in Orthlyss’s direction made Mephisto crease his brows and he raised his vigilance.

The scent of blood became stronger and stronger, as she passed through three ancient gargantuan pine tree with their surfaces covered with thick green moss.

It did not take long for her to suddenly stop dead in her tracks.

There was a small clearing that opened up and expanded in front of Orthlyss. However, the contents of the clearing were nauseating to look at. The original grassland seemed like it was filled with a jam of congealed blood, with broken limbs and bloody organs strewn everywhere. Two hundred humanoid corpses piled on top of each other with a thin layer of crimson snow.

Both Orthlyss and Brendel gasped.

[Even though I’m used this massacres, it’s been several centuries since I’ve seen a bloodbath like this.]

Orthlyss could not help but choke a little. The stench of blood rust in the air was thick enough to make one throw up.

“These are men from the Holy Cathedral of Fire. It looks like everyone is dead.” Brendel recognized them with a glance. Under the Priest Soldiers were two Bishops.

[Unthinkable. A single battle with at least two dead Bishops.]

The ranks in the Holy Cathedral of Fire were distributed into three levels. The various kingdoms had their own Cardinals, forming a total of eleven bodies and were the authority holders of the Flame

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