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Chapter 112 – Trentheim and the young lord

After informing his subordinates the details of his journey as well as other plans against Lord Palas, Brendel started preparing for his plans to go into the Dark Forest.

But he did not immediately leave and instead waited for several days. When he was certain that Lord Palas had withdrawn into his territory and tightened his defenses, he finally felt at ease to execute his plans.

He went to the courtyard in his manor on the day he was supposed to leave—

“Your swordsmanship has improved yet again.”

Kodan picked up his sword that was on the ground and placed it back on the weapon rack in the corner. Brendel was not certain whether the emotions in his eyes were envy, helplessness, or vulnerability, but there was some kind of expectation in them.

Brendel did not act humbly but displayed a youth’s bashful smile.

Ever since the previous discussion, everyone immediately rushed out to prepare for his departure, but he was apparently quite idle.

The duel he had against Kodan lasted for ten minutes and ended in his victory. The youth was not surprised. After the duels in the silver mines, he raised Aouine’s Military swordsmanship to level 16 which was now greyed out. The maximum level that could be gotten from the system was 15, but Orthlyss’s teachings had caused the system to give out a confirmation window to appear and allowed him to raise it as an exception.

The total amount of TP spent was 11000, 2000 points each for raising from level 12 to 15, and 5000 points for going to 16.

[I can defeat Kodan because I’m seeing shared patterns in his moves gained from the level increase on my Aouine’s swordsmanship, but—]

He did not manage to see anything that gave an insight into his grandfather’s skillset from the Military swordsmanship, but there he felt like he was at the edge of grasping something new.

How was his grandfather able to see through the gamers’ techniques on Aouine’s swordsmanship or the Kingdom of Knights’ swordsmanship? When he asked Orthlyss about it, she said she was not certain about it unless she fought against him directly, and merely taught things that were similar to what the system gave.

[The level of my swordsmanship is 16+2. Does this ‘+2′ refer to attaining a Grandmaster swordsman’s traits instead of increasing the swordsmanship directly?]

In any case, Brendel understood that he had reached the limits of what the system could offer for Aouine’s Military Swordsmanship. If he wanted to go any further than level 16, he would have to train every day and get a breakthrough by himself.

He went back and changed into a Kirrlutz traveler’s clothes which were black in color. They were derived from the Tower clan’s warriors, and the clothes were made from some type of fur. It consisted of a thin long-sleeved shirt, but it was puffed up like a gambeson at the arms, while the ends of the sleeves were woven in a way that tapers at the wrist a

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