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Chapter 116 – Five-headed Hydra (1)

When Brendel tracked down the Hydra, he also discovered Amandina and Dia hiding in the bushes hundreds of meters away to spy on the mythical creature.

Amandina had originally gone out to find Dia, who was moving everywhere senselessly to gather materials for Tamar. She was guarded by the Fire Claw Lizardmen and they managed to find her near a lake looking at the scale that was eventually passed to Brendel.

Amandina recognized the scale as she had encountered the description in the books that she read, and a few of the books described the Hydras in great details.

She got the Fire Claw Lord, Ropar, to report to Brendel, while she got the others to track the serpent. Soon enough, they discovered the huge creature. It was a five-headed Hydra, its body was sleek and elegant against the areas of light and darkness. The detailed scales were ink-black, but there were several sections seemed to have a green glow.

It was a Poison Hydra.

Its defense and strength were not as strong as its other relatives; it could not become a fog-like existence like the Nine-headed Shadow Serpent, or manipulate Ice or Fire Elements like the other subspecies. However, they were the hardest to deal with because their corrosive poison could shoot a hundred meters in distance and melt Magic Alloy.

“All of you stay here and wait!” Brendel immediately ordered the excited youths who were ready to try their mettle. “Kodan, Scarlett, Ropar, attack it from the back while I attract its attention and force it to use its poison. The angle that it can attack from is only 180 degrees, so make sure you stay out of range.”

Brendel was the first to charge out.

“That’s too dangerous!” Kodan pulled out his sword and followed next. Brendel had promised to give him a Potion of Dragon Strength for taking part in this battle.

“Leave it to me!” Brendel activated the specially crafted Wind Sigils by Tamar on his sword sheath, raising his Agility tremendously.

He entered the Hydra’s guarded range a few seconds after he spoke, and the gigantic creature that was tens of meters tall had its third head raised up. Its huge tapered mouth opened up and shot a geyser of black poison from nearly a hundred meters away, but the youth had not forgotten how to fight this creature.

He frowned and immediately veered towards the sides, allowing the poison to fire past him while he continued to advanced quickly. The hissing poison continued past him and splattered onto the ground.

Smoke immediately appeared as the poison corroded the foliage. The chemical reactions even caused the liquid to burst into flames, while the surrounding plants visibly wilted at the speed where the naked eye could even detect it.

The young men who were originally ignorant of the monster they were facing immediately paled and even a few yelled out.

“Marsha above!”

Mordenkainen stared at Brendel who was now dodging the Hydra’s projectiles fro

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