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Chapter 120 – The Green Tower’s market

============== Nordas’s POV ==============

The Tree Elves chanced upon the pale human who rarely left his abode come outside, and they greeted him warmly and curiously:

“A good day to you, Nordas.”

“Today’s weather is quite good, you should take a walk!”

The women chattered next to his ears, causing him to feel a little overwhelmed. If it were in the past, he would have felt overjoyed when these many pretty Elven girls surrounded him and spoke him with a smile, but now he only felt that everything was unfamiliar to him.

The rays from the sun that pierced through the shade seemed to be especially glaring, and the young officer could not help but raise his hand to block them. Locking himself up in his house for a long duration had seemed to cause him to be unable to adjust to the outside environment.

“What is it, do you feel unwell?” A young female Tree Elf girl with concern.

“No,” he shook his head and forced a smile.

He looked at the settlement below him. The Tree Elves had allocated him an area that was in the north-eastern direction. There was a flat platform which had several rooms built and the elves resided in there too. It was in between three Ancient Trees, and the environment was quite pleasing.

Everyone was friendly with him, but Nordas always felt distant from them and felt that he did not belong there.

“What’s going on?” He stared at the settlement below for a while. “Why is it so noisy?”

“I heard there are many outsiders who had come in.”


“Humans, like you.”

“Oh, but there are also Lizardmen.” The Tree Elves chatted amongst themselves again.

“Do you want to come along with us, Nordas?” Someone suggested.

The youth was a little interested, but one of the Elven guards came down and saw the youth. Her alluring voice came after a slight pause: “Nordas, you finally came out?”

“Lady Calina,” Nordas recognized her as she was the one who showed him his room: “I heard that there are outsiders who came in?”

“Yes, quite a few. Why, do you still want to leave? But there usually isn’t anyone who would leave the Green Tower. The Druid Elders do occasionally go out to the outside world, but they won’t bring y—”

She suddenly realized something: “I understand, you want to see if those outsiders are your companions, right?”

Nordas nodded.

“I heard it’s a human lord.”

“A human lord?” Nordas felt it was strange and asked: “Why would he come here? Don’t the Druids avoid contact with the humans?”

“I don’t know,” Calina shook her head: “but it seems they are the Elders’ guests. There are a few kingdoms. Kirrlutz, Galbu, oh, and your fellow countrymen from Aouine.”

“Aouine?” Nordas’s eyes widened in shock, and he was suddenly excited: “Calina, is it possible for you to help me with a favor?”

“I know, you want me to bring you to them, right?”

The youth smiled with embarrassment.

“But what’s so go

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