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Chapter 127 – Change of the Loop of Trade Winds (1)

The presence of soldiers from the Kirrlutz empire more or less made Brendel wary, but he did not want to deal with them, at least not right now. He was quite certain that Veronica would not pick a fight for him later on just to get revenge for this incident.

The duel in the market did not diminish the interest of the girls accompanying him, and with Amandina’s suggestion, they continued to survey the streets that overlooked the Loop of Trade Winds.

Indeed, the grand scenery that was displayed in between the ancient trees could make one forget their troubles—

Brendel kept an eye out for any interesting items in the small shops that appeared inconspicuous after purchasing the Rock Key.

[I must say that the Dark Forest is indeed filled with materials. I actually managed to get good stuff just from walking around. Most of the materials I got are valuable. Wyvern’s blood, Ancient Wood Branch, and Sealed Element of Wind, all of them are Brass-rated. I thought I was lucky enough to get the Five-headed Hydra’s blood and twenty of its blessed scales, but I did not expect the Green Tower to continue giving me advantages.]

Most materials were different from equipment. If the materials did not undergo refinement or reforging, they would usually be classified as unranked. Even after a single bout of refinement, they would be rated as Iron-ranked. Crystals with raw Mana in them were considered scarce.

The Ancient Wood Branch was a good medium to make a Mystic staff. While Brendel had no real use for it, he could sell it to others or exchange it for other things in Ampere Seale. It was even possible for him to train Merial and let her use it, making her a great asset in the future.

The only thing holding him back was whether she could be trusted. A good healer in any game was always sought after, and even more so in real life. If she proved loyal to his cause, then he would immediately consider getting her the best equipment he could possibly get.

The Wyvern’s Blood was also a substitute material for the Potion of Dragon Strength. Brendel had already turned his Hydra’s Blood into a large batch of potions and they were ready to be distributed to his rowdy batch of youths at any given time.

Finally, the Sealed Element of Wind was a core material in strengthening crystals, or it could be used to let someone learn a related technique to Wind Magic.

[Back then in the game, the shopkeepers are more cunning…… They always set prices that are more or less similar to the Auction Houses. These rare materials were never on sale too. Then again, I wasn’t one of the players who played on the first day of the game’s release. I started later and was always slower by a step. The players before me must have made the shopkeepers realize the demand for their materials. I’m sure there are even more useful things to be found.]

The youth could not help but break into a grin. He reali

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