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Chapter 88 – The gathering storm (2)

“Brendel?” Gryphine repeated the name she just heard.

Her thin eyebrows finally shook a little and a streak of astonishment flashed across her silver irises for a moment.

“That youth said his name is Brendel? Most people would hardly choose to reveal their name in that situation.” She said with a frown, staring at her guests intently.

“Most people,” Count Barre interrupted, placing his hand on his chest and bowed: “would do so, but I think he isn’t one. For him to have such a close relationship with the Silver Elves, I’m afraid he’s unlike most people, Your Highness.”

Gryphine interlocked her fingers to make a single fist and rested her chin on it. She pondered a little blankly.

[Golden Apple, Silver Elves, Dragon Magic, and Highland Knight…..]

“You said he’s a Silver-ranked Swordsman?” She said

“I believe so.” Makarov nodded.

“Twenty years old.” Gryphine’s mind was a chaotic mess as though a hurricane had gone through it. Oberbeck clearly stated that he was an Iron-ranked swordsman. She suddenly turned to Eke who became a little startled: “Isn’t that the same rank as Lord Eke?”

Buga nodded and replied: “That young man’s a true genius. But there’s one thing about his swordsmanship that bothers me……”

“What is wrong with his swordsmanship?”

“There’s a familiar shadow to his swordsmanship, like…… someone I’ve seen before…..”

“Please speak freely, Ser Buga.”

“Sword Saint Darius.” (TL: Darius Torbus Cadirosso)

“Sword Saint Darius? But you just claimed that he used Aouine’s Swordsmanship in a revolutionary manner. How can that be linked to the Sword Saint when he left this world a long time ago?”

“His stance and movements. Although I believe his techniques have surpassed the original Aouine’s swordsmanship, his foundations have the same origin as Darius—”

Gryphine’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the word “surpassed”.

“It’s indeed very rare to see a twenty-year-old swordsman reaching the Silver ranks.” Fleetwood chimed in, and his eyes went to Eke.

The youth lowered his head with embarrassment.

Gryphine nodded inwardly. There was also a number of excellent youths that appeared from the recent tournament.

[Sometimes I wonder if Mother Marsha still blesses our kingdom when there are so many talented youths in this kingdom, but why is the situation so difficult right now?]

She felt a little tired but immediately forced herself to turn her attention back to the group with her will. She took in a deep breath and her face even paled a little when she got to the crux of this topic:

“Grandmaster Fleetwood, you mentioned the Golden Apple. Is it true that it’s not Soulbound to him?” She asked with a serious expression.

“Yes, this old man swears on the honor as a mage who has worked for the royal family for decades. I am certain that it’s not Soulbound.”

The Golden Apple was said to be able to change a person’s destiny fo

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