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Chapter 188 – The final moment (4)

Brendel placed a finger on his lips and quickly showed this action to Faena and Sifrid. Andesha’s voice had shocked Faena to the point where she nearly shrieked, but the youth’s calm attitude was enough to stop her from making any mistakes.

The only sounds in their surroundings were the monotonous dronings of the insects, with a few small rodent-like creatures darting through the vegetation at high speed that created rustling noises.

Faena could hear her own heartbeat pounding in her ears. She was so tense that she felt her blood turn cold, and her fingers were white and clammy.

“What do we do?” She mouthed these words.

Her haughty conduct earlier was nowhere to be found; she was now a normal girl who looked at the youth with a pair of frightened eyes, realizing that he was the only person she could rely on right now.

Brendel glanced at Faena. The girl’s face was as dirty as a spotted cat, her pretty golden ponytails were covered with dirt, but he thought she was cuter and better to get along with than before.

“Worry not.” He mouthed back.

Sadly, he did not think that this change would be permanent. She was still a duke’s daughter from Kirrlutz, and her proud character was carved into her bones. Perhaps it was even safe to say that she took advantage of the fact that he was reluctant to harm her, and she chose to quarrel with him throughout the journey.

Soft footsteps could be heard from the cavern’s exit. Brendel listened to them carefully with a composed mind. It seemed like Andesha had no intention of hiding her presence, and it was unnecessary to do so at her level against him anyway.

[Damn it…… It’s been a while since I have to work so hard to hide myself.]

Brendel wished that he was the level 130 Warrior in the game. He at least had the sub-class techniques of a thief even if he needed to hide. It was all fun and excitement in the game, but it was full of stress and tension in reality. Andesha felt like an unbearable threat with every step she took.

Still, the youth was able to make a rational judgment because of his experience.

He simply did not move.

Then he heard another set of footsteps coming from another direction, and he frowned.

[Another nearby exit from the caverns? It’s fortunate that this person hasn’t detected us.]

“It’s possible that boy has already left long ago. I didn’t expect that there would be someone else from the Silver Alliance protecting him, other than the Druids. That earlier magic spell had a familiar Mana signature to it; I wonder if it’s someone I know.” The Mistress of Withering Decay said.

Brendel held his breath.

A familiar male voice answered Andesha instantly:

“Ironic. I did not think a monster like you would regret making too many enemies.”

“Making too many enemies? What an absurd notion,” Andesha’s voice was a little high-pitch, and one could hear the sarcasm in her voice, “listening to you

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