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Chapter 134 – Brendel’s advisors

The Druids were interrogating the Lionmane Beastmen prisoners. The attack from the Beastmen made them furious. The Blackthorn council members did not think that there would be anyone who dared to cause trouble in the frontlines, especially when Brendel was considered to be their ally.

The two-legged cats from Toquinin were wasting their time, and time was the rough equivalent of life at this critical juncture.

On the other hand, the Beastmen felt wronged. The scouts heard that Brendel had only brought a group of men who were not highly skilled, and the ambassadors from Aouine only brought a small number of Silver-ranked guards. Their dead commanders thought that it would not require much time to effort to steal Halran Gaia, or to kill them if it were necessary.

The people from Kirrlutz did not inform them of Brendel’s true strength, and they caused them to get wiped out instead.

But the truth was the Kirrlutz Empire was unaware of how strong Brendel was. Even Rono and Faena were greatly shocked to find out Brendel’s true strength. Just like the Beastmen, they did not think that a few Gold-rankers would be the match for the Beastmen’s hundred-odd Silver-rankers.

Even though these Beastmen did not have any strong swordsmanship or similar techniques, they were able to enter a state of rage to boost their strength and were incredibly aggressive. A typical Silver-ranked human would not be a match for a Lionmane Beastman even when they are classified as the same rank.

While the Druids discussed amongst themselves what they should do with the Beastmen, Brendel summoned his Wind Spirit Spiders and secretly had them scout the area.

Carglise stretched and yawned as he sat down beside Brendel.

“I feel that someone made this event happen.” He said.

“Oh?” Brendel tilted his head.

“It can’t be a coincidence that the ambassadors and the Catmen from Toquinin picked a fight with us,” the youth lowered his voice, “if the ambassadors are pressured by the people from Kirrlutz, then it’s hard to say that the catmen are not influenced by Kirrlutz.”

“Toquinin belongs to the faction of the Hallowed Temple of Earth. It’s certainly a disaster for Aouine if the people from Kirrlutz worked with Toquinin to suppress Aouine, but the Holy Cathedral of Fire will never agree to this. While Kirrlutz holds a great number of seats in the Holy Cathedral of Fire, it is a violation of their teachings and Kirrlutz will pay a big price for helping Toquinin fight our kingdom.” Brendel rubbed his forehead.

“Although we have no direct proof of their involvement, it’s very likely that they leaked the information of the civil war to the Catmen. Do you remember what they said? The civil war in the northern regions. It’s too specific. Even our own ambassadors don’t seem to know where it’s going to happen. Do you think the Catmen’s magic is more advanced than Aouine’s?”

“True.” Brendel nodded. Only the Ki

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