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Chapter 142 – Misthowler

Brendel’s vision was a mouth coming at him filled with sharp fangs. An awful stench erupted in his nose as the Warg growled at him. Scarlett felt as though time had stopped for a moment as the wolf’s jaws closed down.

Any Gold-ranked warrior would be greatly injured by the attack.

But Brendel turned around at a sharp angle and shouted:

“Wind, unshackle me!”

The Wind Dance spell was cast on himself. It was a cantrip spell similar to the spell Feather Fall. Brendel copied this technique from an Elementalist player who founded this technique. It allowed the angle of a flight direction to be changed, allowing an Elementalist to dodge at sharp angles, and became one of the signature low-level spells in PvP.

Although Brendel was not an Elementalist, it was required to at least know the trick in order to deal with it in PvP. Wings appeared behind Brendel’s back and he suddenly jerked sideways, causing the Warg to miss him.

An angry howl was made as the Warg realized it failed to bite the youth, and the latter spun around and grabbed onto its fur with both hands while quickly sheathing his sword. It seemed like Brendel had managed to ride on the Warg, but it was nothing like that.

The monster was moving so fast that the wind seemed to smash against him. Its reaction was also swift when it sensed Brendel had grabbed onto it. The ground shook as it landed and tried to shake him off. Brendel did not stop moving and pulled out Halran Gaia with one hand and stabbed it into the wolf’s spine.

A stream of blood spurt out from the Warg.

[Wow. A level 40+ NPC piercing through the defenses of a boss that’s at least level 60. An ordinary weapon wouldn’t even break its skin, and any weaker Fantasy-ranked sword would just cause a simple flesh wound. As expected of the highest tier amongst its class, Halran Gaia’s sharpness and hardness allow me to bypass the level difference.]

Misthowler let out a sharp cry. Its blood quickly turned into a mist and spread out with the wind.

“Don’t breathe the air that’s tainted with the Warg’s blood!” Brendel quickly covered his nose and mouth as he shouted. A corrupted monster’s blood, especially when it’s a high-level one, was more like poison.

He quickly jumped off from the Warg’s back. Someone who was inexperienced with it might have stayed behind and continued attacking it, but any monster that had an Element Power would not be that easy to deal with.

Mist gathered around the Warg and formed into four whips that swept against its back at different angles. if the youth still remained there, he would have been crushed by them.

The wolf only took a few moments to realize that the human had landed on the ground. His cunning actions had greatly surprised it. It believed that each of its attacks would have killed him, but he dodged it every single time.

Once or twice might be a coincidence, but escaping three times was an anomaly, and it immediat

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