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Austin reached out with his hand and pulled back the surcoat to inspect the armor beneath. When he realized the shiny armor had the crimson emblem of the Holy Cathedral of Fire, he paled. He immediately recognized the Priest Soldiers.

[Marsha above! What enemies did they encounter for so many to die here?]

He turned his eyes and found Brendel, but his attention was immediately on the dead body next to him.

“A Grey Knight? But this composition of men means there’s at least a Bishop here?” He muttered to himself as he felt his blood turning cold.

A formal Bishop appointed by the Holy Cathedral of Fire was required to have mastered his Element Power. Even if they encountered a Warg, they would most likely win in a direct confrontation.

Austin suddenly thought of the most dreadful idea and looked at Brendel. Perhaps the audacious young noble killed these men? It seemed like there was nothing that the youth was afraid of. He did not even care about offending the Kirrlutz Empire in the first place.

[Oh Mother Marsha, h-he’s allied with the Druids. Perhaps they intend to bring about a Holy War again?]

He could not help but swallow at this terrifying thought. But he soon realized that it was a foolish notion.

“Some of these men are holding on to their longbows,” Brendel mused and explained to the group, “but they did not reach for their arrows. Either it’s a massive spell that affected them at the same time, or it’s an enemy that’s massive. But the ground isn’t disturbed to the extent where I can determine that it’s a huge creature. But I do believe that it’s some kind of illusion that affected everyone as it fits better.”

The analysis that was void of emotion made Quinn, Wydall, and Austin tremble. A monster that was likely to be more terrifying than the Warg? It felt like that the unknown creature was watching them from the shadows and might attack them at any time.

What they could not imagine was why the youth was still standing in front of them without any fear.

“Have you heard of any creatures that attack in this manner?” Brendel had seen enough creatures that fit the variation of attacks, but there were too many answers and it made him perplexed. Furthermore, it was not as though his answers were right, and there were monsters within the Wilderness that he had not seen before.

The creatures that were born from the Chaos and Mana were volatile and unthinkable. Perhaps the breeze they were feeling was actually a monster and the true culprit.

Or perhaps—

[If this is a game’s quest, the NPCs would provide hints about the real answer. I should try and test it out like a quest and see if I get anything out of it.]

“It sounds like a Spectre. Only the deadly spirits in legends would be able to take away a life without any warning.” Austin said as he observed Brendel closely. He had thought the youth as a rash person, but the latter’s detailed explanation and reenactment of the battle that took p

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