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Chapter 111 – Trentheim and the young lord

[I’m sure that old knight is thinking that he has seen through my goals. How unfortunate for him.]

Indeed, the old knight did not know what sort of existence was he was facing.

Perhaps it was due to Brendel’s system or his eidetic memory in his past life, but he was could remember almost every lord in the past and future, and it did not matter whether they were insignificant or not.

He was familiar with them just like how he was familiar with his swordsmanship. From the start of Madara’s war to the second era of the game, he had done enough quests to meet up with almost every lord who had some kind of territory.

Lord Palas would definitely think over his strategies again if he knew Brendel was capable of reciting his nickname when he was a child. But unlike the youth, there was no second chance for him.

Brendel was grinning broadly; the old knight actually retreated back into his lands instead of continuing to advance to Macsen. After he finished reading the report from ‘Raven’, he tossed it back to the table.

Raven was the name given to the scouting wizards by him. It was quite fitting since most of them used ravens as their familiars to send back the reports.

“That’s a pity.” Raban had also read the report and sighed with a little disappointment: “The old knight is really cautious. We would have won half the victory if he tried attacking us—”

“Putting your hope on our enemies? This isn’t a good habit, commander Raban.” Amandina eyed from Brendel’s side, her voice chilly.

The lead advisor under Brendel was increasing her authority with each passing day. Even though she was saying it in a reproachful manner, Raban did not feel anything out of place, and she was even right to do so.

Raban simply laughed for a few moments: “I only feel that it’s a little regrettable. We will face a difficult battle in the next battle.”

“Not necessarily.” Brendel refuted.

Lord Palas might be cautious, but his very bones were steeped with an unyielding personality. Since Brendel knew what sort of strategies the old knight loved employing, he could logically guess what moves the latter would make next.

This information was merely the confirmation of his traps working. No matter what decision Lord Palas made, it would not go beyond his predictions.

On the other hand, Amandina looked at Brendel with astonishment, to the point where she was a little lost.

Brendel had called her in to inform her of his plan before Tagiv left the city. The traps that Lord Palas thought were everywhere, were actually located just around his army. If Lord Palas actually went out in full force to chase Tagiv or attack Macsen, Brendel might actually find himself at a disadvantage.

But it proved that his ‘strategies’ were more like a prediction.

“But why would that be?” Raban did not understand.

“Lord Palas is someone who graduated from a royal academy which specializes in gr

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