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Chapter 115 – Alchemist’s treasure vault (3)

When Brendel received the ‘Incomplete Luck Essence’, he immediately saw his level bar increase immediately and reached level 7. Since the materials in the Dark Forest were abundant, the method to raise his Alchemist level was effective by using materials that surpassed his levels.

With level 7 Alchemy, he was able to create higher level Mana potions and Magic formations. The potions were naturally more effective, but the materials required were also more unique.

[There are a few recipes to improve the youths’ stats with the recipes I know. It’s even effective for me since I can create a potion that adds 5 Fire Max EP.]

“If only I have the Dragon Blood Moss. It’s a pity I’m lacking this main ingredient.” He muttered to himself.

“What is that?” Felaern asked.

“They are legends stating that places where a large dragon is felled, would have its blood flow into ancient lakes. Bright red moss would grow in abundance beside the lake, and they are known as Dragon Blood Moss. This material can be used to make Potion of Dragon Strength.”

The Wild Elf understood. The Potion of Dragon Strength was as famous as a dragon’s notoriety. There was a definite increase of power for a warrior. Giving a normal person this potion was the rough equivalent of him training for two or three years.

In Brendel’s words, the potion permanently added 5 OZ worth of strength and physique, allowing a normal person to reach an Iron-ranked fighter’s strength immediately.

This potion was exclusively reserved for raising an army, and the nobles fought to obtain this potion whenever it appeared. Its price in the black market was very high, and each potion was about ten thousand Tor coins.

[Ten thousand coins to make an iron-ranked soldier. It’s a waste of money, but considering the time limit, it’s worth the price.]

Brendel did not intend to rely on this item to get rich. The Dragon Blood Moss did not grow abundantly in Aouine and the Dark Forest. The Mana Wave was also about to happen. All potions and magical artifacts were going to drop drastically in value. Meddling with the related transactions was purely causing trouble for himself in the future.

He warned Romaine not to pay attention to the materials related to Magic, but it surprised him to know that she had known about the Mana Wave. Still, she did not know anything about the upcoming Mana Wave that was called as the ‘Waves of Calamity’, which was something that Aouine had never seen before. If she did, then he really needed to ponder about her aunt’s identity.

“My lord, do you know how to create that potion?”

“I do. And I just reached level 7 in alchemy, otherwise, the rate of success would probably be low—” Brendel finally turned back to the youths.

The latter had successfully fought back twelve Rock Panthers and were awarded a temporary respite. But Scarlett and Kodan would be teaching them new things in a short while.

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