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Chapter 119 – Loop of Trade Wind (1)

The Great Elder weighed Brendel’s words without speaking. Valhalla was an ancient legend in the Loop of Trade Winds where warriors spent their eternal rest. It also contained one of the primeval Fire Seeds. As long as the Fire Seed was lit up, the Laws of the Karanjar’s landscape would be rebuilt, and become a blessed land that was likely to be as wide as the Kirrlutz empire.

The Blackthorn’s Druids guarded this secret for generations. They also wanted to enter the Loop of Trade Winds to discover the truth behind the strange wind currents.

Valhalla was like a legend, there were signs of it appearing and disappearing, but the countless Druids that went into the Karanjar mountains was unable to find anything. The only thing that they found thus far was the ruins located in the center of the Loop of Trade Winds.

However, the Great Elder knew clearly that Andellu and the other Druids discovered only the outer sections of the ruins. Entering the center of the ruins meant that they had to brave the violent tempest.

No one was able to enter it.

“Brendel, I believe that Grey Raven has already informed you of the changes in the Loop of Trade Winds?”

The youth nodded. The change in the Loop of Trade Winds came from the Mana Wave’s ebbing flow. It had possibly gone longer than just a few days.

“He has downplayed the truth; the troubles that we encountered are far greater than we told you.” The Grand Elder explained.

Brendel observed the eighteen Druids in the hall silently. All the high ranking Druids in this region were present. If they had to seek an outsider for help, their troubles were certainly much bigger than he thought.

However, he did not take advantage of the situation and quietly waited with a nod. His humble attitude made the Great Elder believe he could be trusted.

“The Loop of Trade Winds originates from the Karanjar’s eastern peninsula, loops around the mountain, and is the most spectacular natural sight. The white clouds would form a wall that extends to the southern Aouine. Even Trentheim and Vlaada would be able to witness it.”

“, Grandmaster Tulman’s work—” Brendel was slightly surprised upon hearing that excerpt.

He had the impression that the Druids did not know about the worldly affairs, but they were knowledgeable about them after all. People merely did not know about this fact.

The Great Elder nodded: “You are well read. The Circle of Skies is a loose group and the Druids in it act on various tasks. They have observed the Dark Forest for a very long time. As for us, the council of Blackthorn, we have guarded the secret of the Loop of Trade Winds for generations.”

He looked past the trees’ crowns and stared at the wall of white clouds that reached tens of thousands meters long. It extended endlessly while birds flew below it like black dots.

“The patch of Dark Forest located in Trentheim’s south has always been touted as ‘The Wilder

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