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Chapter 126 – The scheme in the dark

“I’m so angry that I’m at a loss for words!” Faena kicked the wall of the Ember Tulips Inn, but her thin pointed eyebrows that were like thin sword blades immediately went up with regret: “O-ouch!”

She turned her head back to find Rono and another handsome youth. The latter wore a black uniform that was tailor-made to bring out his figure, along with a pair of comfortable gloves made from the hide of a mink. There was an eye-catching silver flower embroidered on the chest area of his shirt.

“Rono, Viscount Elman, what did the Lord Commander say?” She asked.

The young boy shook his head: “She warned us to keep a low profile.”

“That’s wonderful news,” she clapped her hands lightly once and looked relieved, “so she won’t be pursuing this matter?”

The slightly androgynous man listened to the contents of their conversation, and he looked at the boy next who was half a head shorter with a seemingly curious expression.

“Lady Faena, may I know what happened exactly?”

The Duchess was in a rare moment of fury and she rebuked the captains of the knights from the head to the bottom. It had to be related to the events of this afternoon, and the source was certainly from the lady in front of him.

He earlier suggested to Faena to tag along secretly when the Kirrlutz Empire sent the messengers to the Druids.

When it was discovered, Veronica did not openly oppose Faena’s presence because of the empress. Now that an incident had happened, Elman received the largest share of blame from Veronica because he did not meet his responsibilities as a guardian.

But he waited patiently and looked at Faena with a smile.

“Hmph, it’s all because of that country bumpkin,” she became angry and described the events while fuming.

“That man is incredibly accomplished in dueling. Count Cullens was defeated by him at the very first direct exchange. All the empire knights added together were also not his match.” Rono added to her story but he did not really dwell on their defeat.

After all, that man was someone from Aouine and unrelated to them. However, he was interested in the Crimson Blessing that the youth possessed.

“That’s because Count Cullens underestimated his enemy. Furthermore, the knights that came along with us are actually a bunch of coddled children because of their noble lineage. I even think they lose out to the knights stationed at our borders.” Faena disagreed with a ridiculing laugh.

Although Elman was also part of the ‘noble’ knights, he did not get angry and merely smiled in response to her sarcastic remark: “Aouine has a genius amongst them as well?”

“He has the capabilities to fight against our Knight Commander,” Rono said.

“That’s because the Knight Commander is unable to use the full extent of her abilities in this place. Also, the sword that man has is Halran Gaia. He’s cheating!” She was still unconvinced.

Rono nodded a few times: “Well, you mi

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