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Chapter 87 – The gathering storm (1)

================ Brendel’s POV ===============

The silver obtained from Schafflund restored some life to Firburh.

At the same time, the gains that Brendel received from the Rune Dwarves’ Haven were beyond his expectations, and the youth believed that he had enough strength to take on a bigger challenge.

At this point in time, his eyes were cast to the north and he was prepared to give the nobles an announcement—

A new force is on the rise.

[The letter to Gryphine should reach her any moment now, and so is the news of Lord Macsen’s defeat to Lord Palas. Count Randner will get the news of the defeat in a few days.]

Beneath his palm were a few written pages assessing the number of troops that he had and the terrain around Firburh.

[The things to consider next would be Randner’s reinforcements to Lord Palas. He might send in ten thousand men from his own region, but he’s unlikely to send in Gold-ranked fighters since that would be his core strength; what he really wants is to show his hand to the other nobles so he will present a large army. There’s also the consideration that Madara worked with Graudin, so I should expect undead enemies. In addition, when I look at the Palas region on the map —]

His eyes narrowed. There were densely populated areas consisting of Highland natives.

[The plan is certainly to have an all-out war, but there’s the possibility of my men being outnumbered ten to one…… In conclusion, there’s a need to secure more men of my own. Delaying for a while would be good here. Hmm, doable.]

His mind began to spin as he began formulating an overall strategy and the plans to support it.

In order to prove to himself to this old kingdom, he needed to have a complete victory in order to warn his future enemies and gain the trust of his possible allies. It was also imperative that he did it as soon as possible.

================== Gryphine’s POV =============

Gryphine was sitting down on a comfortable chair with a high back that was decorated with laces before a mahogany table covered with documents.

She wore a set of specially made army uniform that was silver in color. While it gave her a strict and sharp look, it also brought out her lithe figure that could only belong to a soft and gentle girl.

Her thin but dense eyelashes were flickering quickly as she scanned through the two documents in front of her; a letter and the day’s report on the important information—

Gryphine tapped the table’s surface thoughtfully as she blinked her silver eyes, and finally lifted up her head. It was rare for her to put her full attention to read.

Maynild and Oberbeck were not there. It was another group of people, and she knew only one of them.


An elderly man who wore a scholar’s long robes bowed respectfully before the princess. He was the royal court’s archmage Fleetwood, and he currently did not have the arrogance when he fac

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