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Chapter 95 – The girl’s thread of fate (2)

The people in the room, except Romaine, heard his words. Ciel had never seen Brendel so serious before.

“My lord, what does that mean? Are you able to save her?” Amandina blurted out.

“No, my solution only delays the inevitable. The Blood of Gods is not something that comes from the mortal world. Any ordinary means would be greatly limited. You might not know this, but Scarlett is already deceased before she was given the Blood of Gods. The Blood of Gods is the sole reason why she has returned from the dead. One can say that reviving the dead is a taboo, but the Blood of Gods holds the overwhelming power to overturn the Laws……”

“Do you mean to change her into a spirit like Medissa?” Amandina asked.

“…… No,” Brendel hesitated before answering, “I’m uncertain of how things will turn out if I do that. My ability to turn a spirit into a card ultimately adheres to the Laws of this world, and the Blood of Gods is something that’s outside these Laws. In addition to that, it’s incredibly unfair to be anchored to this world for all eternity.”

Brendel glanced at Medissa, but the latter shook her head instantly.

“My lord, this was my decision to be turned into a card. I believe you should ask Scarlett directly. I think she would not refuse.”

“….. Even so, I would not use it unless there are no other options. The Blood of Gods can still take over her consciousness.”

Brendel had discussed this option with Ciel during his journey back to Firburh, and the latter shared the same opinion.

“I believe Scarlett was merely an Iron-ranked fighter and became a Gold-rank after given the Blood of Gods. While the Blood of Gods offers temporary life and strength, these two things are actually a by-product of the power that consumes Scarlett’s soul. The power also strengthens her body so that it finally becomes an avatar of the evil gods.”

“Is there no way to resist this power?” Amandina asked.

“If she’s alive while the Blood of Gods is used on her, she can resist it somewhat. But that itself is nearly impossible because of the tremendous energy from the Blood of Gods. Even if she somehow manages to overcome it, her body will be in shambles.”

Amandina shivered. Even though she had heard rumors about how terrifying the Tree Shepherds were, she merely regarded them as fables. In her eyes, they were merely robbers or bandits, and this was the first time she understood that how evil they were.

Perhaps the Unifying Guild was just as frightening.

“Why are they doing these terrible deeds?!” She asked through clenched teeth.

“To go against civilization, or to bring back chaos. I don’t know.” Brendel shrugged. “In any case, the Blood of Gods in Scarlett’s body is on the verge of consuming her soul entirely. The foolish solution I have is to provide energy to her body in order to resist it. If this solution was used when she’s still alive, perhaps she can overcome the Blood of

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