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Veronica was no longer as composed as before. The earlier explosion had turned her military uniform into tatters, and her pretty sky-blue hair was burned in several places.

The Abatement barrier did not protect her fully as she had constructed it in haste. The Combat of Goddess glared at Brendel with gritted teeth without a trace of emotion in her eyes. She regarded her hair with great importance, and just for a second, she wanted to kill him.

She lowered her sword, and the barrier was immediately gone. She then swung her blade with without warning, with three fingers supporting her right hand, and a green blade of Sword Energy went straight for the youth. Brendel only managed to react at the last moment and tilted his head to the side, allowing the attack to go past his face. But he could feel a hairline pain that radiated outwards, and he knew that the attack had hurt his face.

“You’re the rumored noble from Aouine, I remember now,” Amman interrupted them, and he lifted his finger up at Brendel. A cross-shaped light form at the tip of his fingers: “I heard that you are capable of using magic from the Sacred Church of Light?”

Brendel’s blood ran cold in his veins. But he did not dare to move carelessly as Amman was ready with his spell. He glared hatefully at Veronica.

[You caused the rumors? Why are you so different from the game?]

“I have nothing to do with the rumors,” Veronica answered upon Brendel’s gaze at her, but her eyebrow suddenly lifted. She recalled the image of Faena moving suspiciously with the other youths, and it caused her to realize the truth. She continued to answer coldly: “But you are free to pin it on me. I will answer your challenge any time you want.”

“Two people of great repute bullying a youth, have you no shame?” Brendel wiped away the blood on his face with a mocking laugh. Even though his tone was insulting, his body was tense and ready for a fight. Veronica would never stop here, and Amman was unlikely to let him go either. He could only risk his life here.

Brendel’s mocking smile revealed his white gleaming teeth, and the cold gaze on Amman was akin to the wolves that were driven insane by Mana. He was never one to put his life into someone else’s hands, and he would never submit to anyone.

[The nobles from Kirrlutz stated that the heathen possesses Halran Gaia. This sword he’s holding must be it.]

Amman did not seem to take in a single word Brendel said. Halran Gaia’s renown was not limited to the Beastmen of the Toquinin region. He was certain that his position within the Holy Cathedral of Flames would rise if he had the sword. It was not even important if Brendel was actually someone from the Sacred Church of Light.

“The heretics that do not repent must be killed.” He said while he stared at Halran Gaia. When he was done with his words, the cross-shaped golden light surged in an instant, and a bullet of light shot towards Brendel. However, a green flash happened, an

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