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Chapter 179 – Dream

When Brendel took out the gemstone, a ray of grey light shot out from it and pierced through the mist, pointing towards a certain direction.

“What are you holding on to?” Faena asked.

“Why do I need to answer your question? Surely someone from the Empire would not care for what a citizen from Aouine has to say.” Brendel raised the gemstone higher, making himself a lighthouse.

“You—” She gnashed her teeth.

But Brendel ignored her and started walking, dragging the irate girl along with him. Both of them became silent, unwilling to speak to each other.

The light from the gemstone was a form of Mana Resonance, and it focused on something within the valley. The two of them continued to walk in the fog for quite some time, following the direction of the light as black rocks peeked in and out. A strong air current was flowing past their legs like a river’s water which slowed their progress.

The boring landscape made the weary duo sleepy as they continued walking, but it did not take long for the gemstone in Brendel’s hands to flash a few times before it dimmed. The youth suddenly became alert and focused his attention on his surroundings that seemed to be oddly bright. He pondered a few seconds, before taking out Veronica’s sword and dropped its sheath onto the ground.

“What is it?” Faena did not understand what Brendel was doing.

“We’ve reached our destination,” He said, pulling Faena to a large boulder and indicated for her to be quiet.

Even though it was his plan to get the fake Lernaia Hydra to fight Andesha, he did not want to be caught by the monster because Faena made a fool out of herself.

He narrowed his eyes and tried to see past the fog. There was a bottomless quarry ahead of them, and when he looked into it, he suddenly held his breath—

[What the f…..]

There was an incredible beast lying in the quarry. The strange shapes that he first saw were actually a pair of white shining ears, leading down to a silver mane that glowed in the darkness. There was no fog around that beast, as though it was somehow pushed away by an invisible barrier.

When the youth took a few more seconds to look at it, he realized that it was a wolf that was just as big as the fake Lernaia Hydra. Its elegant snout was placed on top of its paws, with its body nestled up comfortably in a curvy mass. It gave off an aura that exuded magnificence, appearing more splendid than the most glorious mountains.

[A silver scar across its face and eye—]

Brendel swallowed as he looked at the mighty sleeping beast, even forgetting to breathe. Faena eventually discovered what was causing the youth’s shock. She nearly cried out, but her hands already covered her lips to prevent any sound from leaking out.

“What is this monster?” Faena whispered in disbelief.

Brendel took a deep breath and declared with shining eyes:

“The Twelve Demonic Moon’s son, the Warg that is known as Hati!”

“What!” F

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