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Chapter 187 – The final moment (3)

Brendel had a slightly confused look while he held onto the box with one hand. The silver door that was made out of light disappeared without a trace.

“Pfff—” Faena suddenly snorted with laughter when she saw his appearance.

“Is it very funny?” Brendel’s tone was polite and pleasant.

“Hmph. The future Duchess of Flowers laughs at you. Do you think you can stop me?”

“I see. Hmm, I wonder whose claws belong to. They seem to shake every time when there’s a noise.” Brendel looked at his left hand, shook his head, and sighed.

Faena withdrew her hand with lightning speed, her ears blushing: “H-h-how dare you! Mocking my reactions—”

“What? Why can’t I talk about the scared little baby princess?”

Faena clenched her fist and her eyes were spewing out flames. She glared at Brendel as though she wanted to eat him alive, before stomping on her foot and snarled:

“Just you wait. I’ll complain to General Veronica.”

“Complain? What will you say?”

Faena blinked blankly a few times before she stuttered with her cheeks turning red: “I….. I’ll say that you took advantage of me.”

[This crazy girl……]

Brendel’s jaws dropped. He really did not think she would utter these words out. It felt like he was being punched in the guts and lost his breath.

“Are you really going to say that?”

“Idiot, I obviously won’t do that!” Faena scoffed lightly: “My reputation will be damaged if I say that a country bumpkin took advantage of me!”

Brendel fell into silence.

[This witless and chestless woman— Never mind about Veronica, if she mentions anything to the Duke of Flowers, shit— would he send out his Pegasus Knights after me?]

The youth’s eyes went back to the box after determining there was nothing he could do to stop her. When he pulled off its cover, he discovered that it had a space deeper than what it could possibly hold from the outside.

He tugged at the robe that was neatly folded in the box without holding back his strength, pulling it out as though there was no end. He eventually discovered that it was actually larger than the box.

[Regardless of how awesome this thing is, it’s no different from a curtain if I don’t have the right words to activate it. No, it’s even worse since it’s uglier because it’s so plain. Even a curtain is better since it provides shade for us.]

He shook the robe, trying to see if there was any reaction to it. It was a waste to discard it, yet it was also a nuisance to carry it. Ultimately, his greed won out and he tucked it under his arm and moved off. He left the box behind as it was too unwieldy.

[The gamers’ post stated they walked for more than ten minutes in the darkness. They thought there was a bug since they could not find an end to the cavern, and nearly attempted to forcefully retire by killing themselves, before suddenly finding themselves in the Loop of Trade Winds’s heart. I’ll probably find myself in the same sit

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