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Chapter 133 – Forced retreat

Scarlett, Kodan, Ropar, and Austin were like four sharp weapons that stabbed into the Golden Lionmane Beastmen’s formation. The latter fell into momentary confusion, but they quickly regained their composure, realizing there was still a chance for a hundred-odd Silver-ranked Beastmen to triumph over a few Gold-rankers.

The Beastman adjutant tried his best to lead his men against their foes, but he soon realized that it was folly to rely on numbers. He was also categorized as a ‘Gold-ranker’, but there was a great difference in the quality of the Element Powers between them, let alone skill.

Scarlett was still a novice when it came to using her Element Power, but she had eaten the Golden Apple which greatly strengthened the amount of electricity she could invoke. The lightning that surrounded her body was more like thick curtains of light.

Every time she swung her halberd, several lightning bolts discharged into the midst of the Beastmen that reach more than a hundred feet. The ones struck directly in their chests had smoldering cavities in them. The more she fought, the stronger she became, almost entering the state of a God Acolyte. Her eyes glowed as white lightning poured out from it, and she eventually reached a point where she merely pointed her finger to direct a lightning bolt into a Beastman, turning him into cinders.

Lightning flashed repeatedly in the forest, dazzling all those who watched her. Faena stared at the Beastmen hiding behind rocks and trees with an unhinged jaw, completely forgetting about the things that she came to do.

“Is she the daughter of the Wind Spirit King Casas, the Lady of Lightning?” She stammered.

“What a tremendous Element Power—” Rono’s eyes glinted repeatedly as lightning streaked across the ground.

Elman’s face was just as pale as the two. Even though the old swordsman near the red-haired girl controlled his Element Power far better she did, the latter appeared to be more powerful than he was.

However, his attention was mostly on Brendel and Ropar. If Scarlett was like a Lightning Goddess, then the Lizardman Ropar was a Fire God. His Greatsword had flames dancing in the air as he dissected the Beastmen easily. Flames even covered his entire body and he did not even flinch from the heat.

Elman could not understand it.

In truth, while the Fireclaw Lizardmen appeared like they had a physical body, half of it was comprised of the Fire Element. These Element lifeforms had long lifespans, and those who became chieftains meant they had emerged victorious under countless battles. Ropar came from a world of burning plains and had considerable fighting skills. Each thrust of his greatsword ensured that at least one Beastman would be struck down.

The second Gold-ranked Lionmane Beastman rushed in to block Ropar’s advance by lunging at him, but he did not think that the Lizardman simply allowed the sword to pierce through his chest. He looked

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