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Chapter 149 – Mysterious corpses

Wydall informed that they had discovered adventurers, but what Brendel really found were dead people. More than thirty corpses were strewn all over the Dark Forest. They had light grey surcoats worn over silver armor.

Brendel turned over one of them and investigated his coat of arms.

[Just like I thought when I first saw them. These people are the guards of the Holy Cathedral of Fire. The clearest indication is the fiery red emblem on their armor.]

The longswords on the ground were mostly forged in the Kirrlutz’s style, but the thing that truly stuck out was how every single weapon on them was a longsword. Any military army would have other common weapons like axes or spears.

“These men are the Grey-robed Priest Soldiers in the Holy Cathedral of Fire,” he stood up and spoke to Quinn and Wydall, “I’m not sure if there are any Flame Sentinels accompanying them unless I check every single body.”

“They probably did not encounter wolves here, or they would have bite marks. The bodies here are placed strangely and it feels really odd,” the Centaur Elder said.

They looked at the men once more. The majority were lying on the ground like they were sleeping, while a few leaned against the trees; some even looked almost natural and alive with their poses. Strangely enough, their eyes were all closed, and their weapons were not far away from them.

But their dull skin proved they were dead.

“Indeed. Furthermore, it is strange for the Holy Cathedral of Fire to leave their comrades behind in the wild to the wolves. Covering their bodies with stones and branches isn’t something hard to do.” Quinn said.

“Another Priest Soldier.” Brendel walked over to another body and lifted the surcoat.

“In addition, there are no signs of a battle,” Quinn’s ears shook a little when a nightingale’s warbles came from time to time, “it appears like they died in their sleep. Our early inspections revealed that they did not have any apparent injuries.”

“Every single one?”


The situation was indeed very odd. Quinn and Wydall remained quiet when they saw Brendel deep in thought. They believed that no one really understood the Dark Forest, and with each step taken deeper into it, was akin to getting closer to a Dream Demon which would silently reap their lives away in their sleep.

[Are there any Wargs that have the ability to attack them in an instant? Hold on, I forgot to check one more thing……]

Brendel suddenly walked up to a few bodies and inspected them. He stopped and looked at a Priest Soldier’s fist that was formed tightly into a ball.

After prying it open with some difficulty, he discovered that the dead man was holding onto a golden amulet. Brendel poked at the fingers, determining that was slightly stiff and cold.

[The body generally becomes stiff after three hours or so. How surprising. The Holy Cathedral of Fire actually got here ahead of us by this much? Hmmm…… I

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