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The Goddess of War

The flames continued to rage around them, the golden red light illuminating every one of their faces till their edges of their faces were contrasted darkly.

Brendel raised his head and carefully regarded the young vice captain riding on the horse. Brendel saw that he was equally serious: He pursed his lips and glared silently at him as if to make him submit.

But regardless of who had control of this body, Brendel or Sophie, they would not be affected by him.

“I’m a militia from Anchorite, may I ask Sir captain from Bucce when the guards from Bucce able to command the allied troops from another region? May I ask Sir captain where your appointment order is?”

The riders behind Bretton immediately stopped whispering when they heard Brendel speak. Brendel fought for Aouine in the game for years. His grasp in the kingdom’s laws was beyond any of the young guards here.

The young vice captain thought for a long time and stubbornly replied: “Special times calls for special needs.”

Brendel knew that Bretton would not put down his pride and back down. Still, Brendel did not want to waste any more time on this, and would not have bothered to trouble himself from the childish fights unless Bretton sought to seek it first.

“I’m looking for Freya and Irene. Did any of you see them?” He asked.

This was Brendel’s most concerned question. The flames seemed to have been lit by the young guards, but he considered the possibility where the future Goddess of War was also burned to death. That would have been a grave sin on Bretton’s part.

[Just a mere thought, cough.]

But Brendel’s carefree attitude looked like arrogance in Bretton’s eyes. He truly did not know why Brendel was so proud of himself when he did not amount to anything at this moment. He resisted the loathing in his heart and asked: “Freya? From the third militia? What is she doing with you?”

Brendel could see that the vice captain was fond of Freya, but his hostile attitude annoyed him. He had tried to provoke him many times.

“Captain Bretton, it’s my freedom to be with whom. As for the reason why I’m here, I’m afraid it is the same as yours. Please don’t think I don’t know what plight you are in right now.” He replied sarcastically.

“You bastard, what attitude is that!” One of the young man behind Bretton angrily rebuked him: “You’re only a mere militia and in front of you is the vice captain of the guards, immediately correct your attitude right now!”

Brendel paused a moment and started to study him carefully.

And as if they wanted to show off to him, they neatly formed into their formation as if to intimidate him. He looked at the fifteen young men who stood tall like a sharp sword with their uniform and shining armor. They certainly looked impressive.

Brendel knew their pride comes from being the best in their cities or Grinoires region, and had undergone strict selection and rigorous training. They were close eno

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