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Golden Demonic Tree

Three people made their way down to the valley silently and waited in ambush. Brendel made it look like time was frozen, as his movements were so delicate and subtle, and one would find it impossible to discover anything out of the ordinary if they were to survey the surroundings.

He had walked on this path more than a hundred times. He had failed before in his attempts and got discovered when he was still unfamiliar, but he would not fail here now. Even though the Demonic Trees had exceptional strength, these naturally blind creatures were not effective in investigating their surroundings.

The tense Brendel heard the faint rustling of pebbles rubbing against boots. He turned his back and saw Freya anxiously looking back at him. The youth furrowed his brows.

[Freya, you’re still too tense.]

He stopped to allow Romaine to pass him. The merchant girl had very well by lowering her body and breathing evenly. Her strides were not overly large and she did not move too slowly too, and she was as elegant as a cat. Her current mentality was filled with dexterous cautiousness from the excitement, and her heart which was as taut as a string strangely pushed out her potential. She was like a natural adventurer.

“Romaine, you’re doing really well, keep on doing this.” Brendel encouraged her by mouthing the words out.

She quickly nodded in response, her actions were really small, but she could not suppress the pride in her heart.

As Romaine passed by Brendel, he looked back at Freya. She seemed to know her own problems, and she lowered her head involuntarily. He sighed in silence when he saw this scene. No matter how one looked at her, it was clear that she did not possess outstanding wisdom, judgment, mentality, physique, and one would have thought she would become nothing more than an ordinary person.

But Brendel knew there had to be something that allowed her to hold the legendary name of ‘The Goddess of War’.

He narrowed his eyes into a line and looked thoughtfully at her. Her light orange colored hair was on full display when she lowered her head, reasonably dense and soft looking, and it looked like she had taken much care on it. She did not comb it skilfully, but it was meticulously done.

At this moment she was crouching her body and progressing past him. The girl did not utter any sound, and only her long ponytail followed her bobbing action, almost as if it to display her will in her heart. Brendel knew that it was her unbending will.

His heart skipped a beat.


She paused for a moment.

“You’re too tense, relax a little.”

“Sorry, I……”

“It’s fine. Do you see the boulder in front? We should split up here from now onwards. Hide yourself behind there until the patrol team passes by. You must attract the attention of the last two Demonic Trees at the first moment we launch an attack.”

She nodded.

“Go ahead, I’ll wait here to watch over you. Freya, I’m s

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