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Tumen’s Legacy.

Romaine and Freya extinguished the campfire and followed Brendel who started running. They guessed that Brendel’s sudden change in his behavior was due to that piercing light, and Freya did not understand how it was created.

Romaine had an idea as to what happened back then as she saw the soul gem in his hands.

[Ah. That’s right, he gave me a ring. I really like the spiderweb design on it.]

It was rare in this world to create a design using spiderwebs, but she liked things that were uncommon.

[I wonder if it has the same magic like the one on Brendel’s hand.] She knew that his ring was special and was able to command the wind to slay his foes.

This was a side of Brendel that she had never seen before, and she looked curiously at his back. She felt that the things he did was full of mysteries and secrets.

“Brendel, what happened?” In contrast to Romaine’s carefree attitude of ‘I just need to follow Brendel.’, Freya was more serious. She thought that her responsibility was to take some of Brendel’s burdens off.

“Nothing much of importance. But we need to leave this area immediately.” Brendel suppressed his uneasiness and replied. He pulled out the Elven sword and it glimmered against the barren boulders. He really did not know how to explain to Romaine and Freya about the ‘Mana Absorbtion’ effect.

To put in words, it was like an osmosis process where a higher rating magical item took energy away from a lower rating magical item. But it was incredibly rare for an artifact below 40 OZ to do something like this. It was impossible to explain these gaming world’s jargon or scientic words to Freya and Romaine.

Freya looked worriedly at him, but did not inquire any further.

Brendel observed the valley. There did not seem to be any movement below but he felt insecure in his heart. He requested Freya to wear the armor, while Romaine was to prepare the rope.

Freya was already wearing normal clothes on her, so she took out the ‘Half Plate of the Wind Empress’ and started to wear it over her body. The only drawback was that she had no prior training in using heavy armor, so there was no hope in her wearing it quickly.

On the other hand, Romaine was anxious and a little excited. She wanted to help her out but was afraid of Freya scolding her. Even though they were friends, Freya’s anger was not something to take lightly and she knew that she might actually create more trouble for her.

Brendel felt he could wait for them a little while. What he was more worried about the creatures being attracted from within the valley from the powerful mana ripple.

He could not help but raise the card in his hand. He was shocked that the Gerald’s most important possession was not the ‘Thorn of Light’, but this card instead. A magical artifact that could possibly above 40 OZ, just exactly how amazing was this thing?

In this long chaotic era, the Human and Elven wizards were unable to solve the prob

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