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The decision for a three pronged approach was quickly accepted, and it was now a matter of how they were going to move out.

Marden will personally lead the guards to attack Madara’s undead army before dawn and attempt to break out of the siege, while Bretton will lead the remaining villagers across the River of Daggers. Brendel and Romaine will travel across the Zevail mountain pathway to inform Fortress Riedon of the attack.

They were going to move out in three hours.

Marden dismissed them, and the young guards quietly turned around and left. They did not waste their breaths on any more words, and only the sound of clinking equipment being packed by them.

The campfire’s wood crackled while the flames flicked chaotically, and the shadows swayed about on the ground that was full of leaves and pebbles. Everyone had many things to prepare for the attack. The final few hours of the night felt like grueling torture to them.

Freya had gone to gather the third militia squadron, while Brendel packed his own bag and stashed the remaining health potion that he found. The other bottle that he took from the tomb had been given to Jonathon.

Brendel was actually unwilling to see someone die before his very eyes and saved the youth, with the excuse of ‘I wanted to have Bucce’s citizens’ good will and his family’s gratitude’ given to the militia.

He felt that his identity as a modern person was affecting him every waking moment. He wanted to pursue a better world as he witnessed the cruel battlefield in front of him.

He randomly stuffed two days worth of food into the bag, mostly dried jerky and biscuits that were made with various ingredients. The Amber Sword’s world had stronger production values compared to the real medieval era on Earth, thus there was abundant resources here.

Anyone who knew this world would understand their civilization level was relatively high, but the progression seemed to have taken on a different route compared to Earth.

When he checked his items again and pulled out the bottle of health potion, he was surprised. He discovered a hard piece of paper that was stuck under the bottle. It looked it was glued onto it but he easily took it out.

It was slightly bigger than a poker card, with the width about the size of a palm. There were magical sigil patterns on the back of the card, while there was a knight kneeling on the ground on the other side. The knight was wearing a full set of armor with his hands raising the sword to the air.

At the top left hand corner of the card, there was the number ‘ii’ written in ancient language, while at the center bottom were six yellow crystals. Brendel recognized these crystals in the game as a term called ‘Element Type’. Six yellow crystals represent ‘Earth Element’ and ‘6’.

Brendel was very knowledgeable about the game’s lore and there were very few things that he did not know, but the thing in his hand was a riddle that he knew nothing

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