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The lake

Both factions spent the night in high tension.

Tarkus waited for his plans to attacks to unfold, while Brendel was worried that he was unable to gauge how much time was left. Madara’s army and the eleven youths from Bucce moved through the silent darkness, their destiny closely intertwining while they moved away from each other.

Eventually the sun rose. The first ray of light hit the ground to indicate morning was here, and it seemed to pass by in a flash. The militia did not encounter even the most common brown bears in this region, and they appeared to be safe from enemies.

Afternoon came.

The militia in front of Brendel parted the obstacles in front of them with a swishing sound from the vegetation, and he squinted his eyes. The golden sunlight seemed to pierce through the dense vegetation. He followed the voice and looked up from the stretcher he was in, and the surface of the scenery in front of him looked like a mirror, with the reflection of light entering into his eyes.

A lake.

It was like a dazzling emerald that was placed here with the surface shimmering in the midst of trees and mountains.

“Look, it’s a lake!” Little Fenix shouted in a surprise.

Freya rewarded him with a smack to his head, making him cry out in pain.

They were not traveling to relax, and everyone had to be more cautious as they might meet Madara’s army anytime. Even though they were safe the entire night, Brendel had also explained the reason that there was no Strategic Value in this vicinity.

As to what Strategic Value meant, the young girl did not know.

The youth that came from Bruglas seemed to always know more things than everyone else. Even though she was not content with that fact, she had to grudgingly accept it.

She wondered if every other youth in the city was as brilliant as he was.

Under their silent movements, Freya had transited from one extreme end to another. She could not help but feel a little jealous. If she had trained in Bruglas along with the other militia, she might be able to do better than this shameless cad.

The world was unfair!

Except that the truth was there was no ‘Bruglas’s militia training camp. Sophie, no, he should be Brendel now, trained in Dragaz. Sophie did not mention about where Brendel originally trained, as he needed to maintain a facade to gain the youths’ confidence to lead them out of this impossible situation. (TL: From now onwards Sophie will call himself Brendel.)

Freya might be able to do it in the future, but she was unable to do it now.

Brendel looked at her as he contemplated things. The girl with the ponytail was observing the surroundings and she hesitated for a while, before finally relaxing the grip on her sword and exhaled.

“We’ll take a break here.” Freya gave the order after confirming there was no danger.

Everyone relaxed at the same time.

“I almost died!”

“I’m going to bet I won’t do anything but sleep at Fortress

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