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Soul Gem

The gigantic Rotten Beast raised its branch-like claws that were the size of a human and used it to smash at Brendel. He quickly bent his body to evade it, and the attack went past his head like a hammer. The withered branches of the claw dragged the air along with it, causing his hair to dance wildly while it continued to swing against a boulder behind him. The boulder was knocked away with a deafening boom, and it flew twenty to thirty meters away.

Brendel spied on the boulder to see it hit and crash against the walls three times, before finally piercing deeply into the ground, bringing debris and dust everywhere to where it landed

He felt a sudden tightness in his throat; the monster’s strength was just too terrifying. If he got struck even once, his entire skeleton would not be able to absorb the impact, and would instantly be reduced to bits. His organs would be ruptured from the immense pressure, while the shattered bone remains would pierce them and create a bloody mess everywhere.

Brendel quickly searched through his memories. A Elite Rotten Beast’s 8.9 OZ was one of the strongest Level 20 Creatures around, and only Berserkers and the Dwarven Steel Guards would be able to match its strength.

He had no intentions of facing it head on. He quickly gestured to Freya to protect him from the sides, and used his advantage in agility to get into range for an attack. He swung the Thorn of Light at its left foot.

The monster was nearly 5 meters tall, the branch-like claws were nearly 3 meters wide, and it had great attack range. But when it lowered its head, it found that it had trouble hitting Brendel who was below him.

Brendel struck its leg with his sword, but the bright purification flames only left a scorch mark on it. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead when he saw the result.

Even though the Elite Rotten Beast had high physique, toughness and resistance, the end result should not be this. This meant that there was a ‘Power Rating Difference’ here. This was a system setting that was in the game but he did not expect it to be here in this world as well.

Still, the attack from Brendel made the gigantic Rotten Beast raise its head up and roar. The ear-piercing bellow made the nearby blades of grass quiver.

Brendel felt a dull ache in his chest, and Freya even coughed out blood.

[The skill ‘Howling Fury’ from the Elite Rotten Beast should not have so much effect on us! Is this because our levels are too low?]

Brendel felt he was damaged everywhere inside his body. The data in his retina showed different levels of damage in his organs.

“Brendel!” Romaine shouted not too far away.

He turned back and discovered she had finished setting the hook to the rope, as well as attaching it to the cliff above. He felt relived. Romaine could be relied on when there were critical moments. She was calm during desperate times and certainly had the potential to become a merchant.

He looked at

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