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Thorn of light

TL: I won’t be updating the upcoming Saturday for this series, because I brought it forward today. The summary has been tweaked to include more details about the premise and protagonist.

The menacing gargoyle stood tall at nearly two meters and even with its pair of wings tucked in, it had a total width of over five meters. It seemed to fill the entire passageway when it charged at Brendel. The blast of air that came from the gargoyle’s charge stifled Brendel’s breathing, and he found there was nowhere to hide.

He immediately raised his right hand and yelled with all his might: “Oss!”

An earth-shattering roar came from the ring.

The air distorted in the narrow passageway and four consecutive bangs followed as the light crystals embedded in the wall exploded. The maelstrom of air formed into a wind bullet and struck the giant creature. The currents were like sharpened blades and stripped the metallic surface of the monster away. The gargoyle’s lower half body cracked away and was hurled backwards into the air like a broken kite.

It then crashed onto the ground with a thundering boom, and a dust cloud formed in the passageway.

Brendel coughed while he was in the midst of the dust cloud, and he quickly rushed forward with his sword in hand. He knew that a gargoyle had 60 HP in the game and a wind bullet did not kill it. It was more than likely that it was still functioning in this world’s reality.

He indeed found the heavily damaged gargoyle. Half of its wings were destroyed with a bright blue liquid oozing from it. The monster opened its mouth and screamed repeatedly at Brendel, while it clawed weakly at the ground.

[Kick the dog while it’s down!]

Brendel did not hesitate and brought the sword up with both his hands and swung with everything he had. The sword struck the monster’s chest and forced it to take a step back.

The second swing quickly followed, but the gargoyle brought its wings together and covered itself, and bright sparks flew up when the sword made contact onto the steel wings.

Brendel had used up all his energy but he did not managed to bring it down, and the injuries in his body seem like they were going to rupture. However, he did not lose heart as this attack had brought him a chance to go around it when it went into a defensive mode.

But when he ran a few steps forward, the gargoyle suddenly screamed as it unfurled both of its wings. He quickly guarded against them with his sword, but the massive strength from it knocked his sword far away which struck against the wall.

He was also thrown back against the wall from the impact, and felt the air in his lungs escaping from him. However, he realized he was only a short distance away from Gerald’s tomb after the monster’s sudden action.

This thought cleared his hazy mind and he understood what he needed to do.

He yelled once more and gathered his strength, tolerating the intense pain and got up and dashed

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