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Forbidden Garden

As the fog in the forest dissipated, the battle that took place in it ended. The young guards’ sudden attack did bring about an unexpected effect on the Madara’s vanguard, but the situation quickly became clear when Kabias gathered the high level undead.

The forest turned silent.

“Lord Kabias.” The pale undead acolyte brought his hand to his chest and bowed respectfully to the giant skeleton.

“I had thought that you maggots wouldn’t bother to greet me, Rothko.”

The skeleton general who wore a bronze armor sat on top of a pile of corpses. Its legs were crossed and the flames in his eyes burned intensely. It gripped its double-edged axe, while the other hand was placed on its knee, and looked down upon the weak acolyte, full of contempt.

The dark lords and the undead wizards hated each other. They had gathered together under the call from the Mercury Staff, but they did not choose to work together by choice. As for the blood lords, they had kept amongst themselves and rarely interfered with Madara’s politics. They had stayed in this fragmented for several centuries before emerging from their stable cocoon.

The prophecy from the witches, overlapped with the Goddess Helene’s own revelation. ‘The Darkness shall rise from the east’, regardless of the dark lords, undead wizards or the bloods, everyone believed that this era was indeed going to end, and the new era would be ushered in by Madara.

Rothko smiled. Kabias is a general under Tarkus, and he was merely a small leader of a company, and there was no argument in their ranks. To draw the ire of this skeleton was because their vanguard stole the thunder amongst all the other generals. Three hundred skeletons and twenty necromancers defeated the Bucce guards, completely defeated the Green village’s militia to allow Kabias unfettered access, then finally vanquishing Bucce guards. His results could even be described as glorious. (TL: What! I like Bretton =[… )

In Madara’s tradition, the undead’s vanguard are used as cannon fodder to sap the enemy’s strength, and under the worst circumstances they were used as a delaying tactic or buffer. It was typical to have one third of a squadron of Aouine’s guards to easily defeat such a vanguard comprising of skeletons and necromancers.

In Tarkus plans, Rothko was nothing more to a chess pawn used for disruption, while the real hammers to strike the nail in the Aouine’s coffins were Kabias and Wesker. It was unexpected of this undead acolyte named Rothko, and it surprised Tarkus. Just as he was surprised his right wing, Wesker who committed a huge error in thebattlefield.Thebattlefield was always changing, and even outstanding commanders were unable to be ahead of every step, even if Tarkus was famed for being reliable.

Since the acolyte was from a lowly birthright and did not know his future, he naturally did not refute anything. On the contrary, Kabias’s words were like a type of glory to him. Kabias

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