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Minute and second

Brendel followed her gaze and nearly let go of his Thorn of Light, both sword and scabbard, out of his hand from a tremble.

[What the hell?]

At the narrow valley where it intersected the area of sharp boulders, the area at one extreme end was filled with throngs of Rotten Beasts chasing after the necromancer Kabara on the cliff, resembling a tidal wave that was climbing up slowly.

And on the other side, there was a slim figure that was also climbing up the narrow valley’s cliff in his line of vision. She carried a huge bundle on her back, and a sword hung from the bundle, swaying along with the girl’s long ponytail as she slowly proceeded forward.


He rubbed his eyes, almost thinking that he saw wrongly. But Romaine wouldn’t be wrong at spotting her, and the reason why she was nervous was because it was definitely Freya. But did she not follow Marden to the River of Daggers, why did she appear here? He could not believe she would abandon the militia’s third squadron.

“Brendel, that’s Freya.”

“I see her, just don’t make any sound, I’ll think of something!”

“She will be caught by them so we need to help her right?” She turned her head back and asked testily.

“No, Romaine! I don’t need your help on this matter, I’ll definitely think of something.”

He found it was a great pity that he did not even have the chance to go bonkers. The situation was very delicate, and the key to change the situation was not in his hands. It was decided on whether Mother Marsha’s mood was good today, and unfortunately it looked like she was not.

The undead’s situation was just as bad. Brendel turned back and saw the necromancer cutting out his feet without any hesitation, and forced the Rotten Beast that had grabbed onto it back into the midst of the other monsters.

It quickly flipped over and used its bony hands to climb up the cliff. Its 1.7 OZ strength allowed its light skeletal body to climb rapidly as if it was flying on it. However, when it boosted itself upwards mid-way of the cliff, it suddenly paused.

Kabara raised its head, and the green flames in its sockets illuminated a male human’s shocked and angry face on top of a gigantic boulder. While it felt that the ripples of his lifeforce was a little familiar, it was of no importance, because it had already raised its bone staff at Brendel.

[A human maggot.] It thought in its mind.

Brendel was unable to care anymore at this moment, he pulled out his sword with a singing ring, the Thorn of Light bursting with dazzling radiance in the darkness, and thrust it straight into Kabra’s forehead, creating a light crack. A golden flame surged forth from the crack and spread everywhere.

“Ga—” Half of a word was stuck in Kabara’s throat. The speed from Brendel’s thrust was so swift that it was unable to react, and it felt it was reaching the end of its life.

Kabara had once thought it would become a great necromancer.

It tri

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