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Brendel opened his eyes after waking up from his grandfather’s dream. He felt his forehead was completely cold from the perspiration. He looked up at the gloomy sky and breathed out slowly. There were immediate ways to shake off the dream prison, either by using equipment that strengthen the willpower attribute or special abilities. An example would be his innate talent, ‘Unyielding’.

But he realized subconsciously that it was not the best solution.

Regardless, the past memories of the old Brendel had merged together with his own. He was no longer just purely Brendel or Sophie, and they were now one and the same in one body. If he ignored the old Brendel’s weaknesses, then one day he would be unable to look at his own weaknesses.

He needed to recognize for what he was now, to be able to accept everything that happened in his past.

This growth was not limited to just his mind— Accepting Brendel’s past had benefited him a great deal. Brendel’s grandfather personally taught his grandson his swordsmanship, but Brendel had subconsciously sealed his own memories because he had given up on himself.

With all the memories of the young Brendel unlocked, the swordsmanship that he had learned merged within his soul.

[Just exactly what sort of swordsmanship is this?]

The past Brendel had sealed off his grandfather’s swordsmanship because he deemed himself unworthy to use it. Even so his innate talent in the sword enabled him to become the best fighter in Anchorite’s militia batch.

The current Brendel opened his character window, and saw it had changed from before:

Civilian Soldier [Military Swordsmanship (Level 3+1), Grappling techniques (Level 3), Tactical Theory (Level 0), Military Organization (Level 0)]

The levels in the ability panel could not go past the level of the profession, but equipment and mission rewards were exceptions. A normal human who trained for 30-40 years would have the same level 4 Swordsmanship, but it was impossibly rare to find it on an eighteen years old youth.

Brendel felt that if he managed to completely absorb what his other grandfather had taught him, he would have increased his level 4 military swordsmanship another 30% more in the XP panel. When he recalled the old veteran’s swordsmanship, he felt a chill creeping behind his back. That was at least a level 10 Aouine’s military swordsmanship, and the old veteran was definitely a legendary figure.

Brendel sat up from the ground with complicated thoughts. He looked across the mountain valley. The fog surrounding the Golden Demonic Tree felt like it had dissipated a little, indicating that the power of the dream world was weakening. When he looked at the girls, he found they had their eyes closed tightly, occasionally creasing their brows.

Romaine’s face was pale, but her expression was very peaceful.

[Good. It seems that her situation is not as bad as I thought. Once she receives a mental boost, the Golden De

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